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SharePlex 9.0 - Preinstallation Checklist

Install SharePlex on Linux/Unix for Oracle Database

Read this before you begin:

Run the installer in interactive mode

In interactive mode, you are prompted for each part of the installation information.

  1. Log in to the system as the user that will be named as the SharePlex Administrator during this installation. This user will own the installation files and binaries.

  2. If sp_cop is running, shut it down.

    sp_ctrl> shutdown

  3. Copy the installation file to a temporary directory where you have write permissions.
  4. Grant executable permissions to the file.

    # chmod 555 installation_file

  5. Run the .tpm file. If installing SharePlex in a cluster, run the installer from the primary node (the one to which the shared disk is mounted)

    # ./installation_file

  6. Verify that the information shown on the first screen corresponds to the Oracle version and platform you are upgrading.

  7. You are prompted for the following:



    Installation type

    Select <New Installation>.

    Product directory location (path)

    Enter the path to the SharePlex installation directory.

    If the specified directory does not exist, the installer creates it. If the directory exists, it must be empty. The installer quits if the directory contains prior SharePlex installations or other files.

    In a cluster, install on the shared disk. For more information, see Installation and setup for Oracle cluster.

    Variable data directory location

    Specify an empty directory. The installer creates the specified directory if it does not exist. Important! Do not install this directory into the SharePlex product directory.

    In a cluster, install the variable-data directory on the shared disk. For more information, see Installation and setup for Oracle cluster.

    SharePlex Admin group

    Enter the DBA-privileged group to which the SharePlex Administrator user belongs, which will own the SharePlex binaries. If the default group of the SharePlex Administrator is oinstall, select any option, and make certain this user is listed under oinstall in the etc/group file. For more information, see Installer checklist.

    ORACLE_SID of the database

    Enter the Oracle SID of the database for which you are installing SharePlex.

    If you want to use one set of SharePlex binaries to replicate data on a system that contains multiple minor or patch release versions of Oracle Database, select the lowest patch release version that you want to include in replication. Alternatively, you can install separate instances of SharePlex for each Oracle version.

    In an Oracle cluster, the ORACLE_SID must be an alias in the tns_names.ora file that is used for all cluster nodes. For more information, see Set up SharePlex in an Oracle cluster.


    Enter the path to the Oracle HOME directory of the selected Oracle SID.

    TCP/IP port for SharePlex

    Enter the port number to use for SharePlex TCP/IP communications.

    License key (do you have?)

    Press Enter to accept the default of Y (yes). If you do not have a license, enter no.

    For licensing on a cluster, see Installation and setup for Oracle cluster

    At any point before you run SharePlex you can add the license key with the splex_add_key utility. For more information, see SharePlex license utilities.

    License key

    Enter the license key you received from Quest.

    Customer name

    Enter the SiteMessage text string provided by Quest with the license key.

The installer displays the location of the install log file and then quits.

See Next steps.

Next steps

Task Description
Patch SharePlex If you downloaded patches for this version of SharePlex, apply them now.
Run Database Setup

Run the Database Setup utility for Oracle (ora_setup) to establish a database account and connection information for SharePlex. For more information, see Database Setup for Oracle.

(Heterogeneous replication)

Install SharePlex on the Open Target and perform setup operations. See:

Set up security For more information, see Assign SharePlex users to security groups.
Repeat Repeat all of the installation procedures for all Unix and Linux machines that will be involved in SharePlex replication.
Multi-instance configurations

To install multiple instances of SharePlex on this system, such as to support consolidated replication, see Run SharePlex in the SharePlex Administrator’s Guide.

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