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SharePlex 9.0.2 - Upgrade Guide

Run the installer in unattended mode

SharePlex can be installed unattended through the use of a response file. This installation method speeds the installation of multiple SharePlex instances. The file supplies responses to the standard installer prompts, while providing on screen status information.

Note:When running in unattended mode, the installation process does not call the system password utility. If you create a new SharePlex user during the installation, that user will remain locked until the password is set manually.

Response files that you can edit are located in the install subdirectory of the SharePlex product (installation) directory:


Enter responses in the file

Important! The response file contains two sections. Only the top section is user configurable. Do not edit the bottom section. The bottom section begins with the line "Do not change settings that appear below."

Edit the top section of the response file to provide the responses for the installation. Only edit the values to the right of the colon, and make certain there is a space between the colon and the response.

The following example is for non-root installation:

# To install SharePlex with the unattended option please

# modify the settings below. You may safely modify only the values

# to the right of the colon, and the colon must be immediately

# followed by a space. Editing the values to the left of the colon

# may impact the unattended install causing the process to become

# interactive.


SharePlex Admin group: spadmin

product directory location: /home/splex/proddir

variable data directory location: /home/splex/vardir

# not required for Open Target installations # ORACLE_SID that corresponds to this installation: oracledb

# not required for Open Target installations# ORACLE_HOME directory that corresponds to this ORACLE_SID: /home/oracle/products/version

TCP/IP port number for SharePlex communications: 2100


the customer name associated with this license key: SharePlex_Trial

To run the response file

From the command shell of the operating system, run the .tpm installation file with the -r option followed by the full path to the response file.

# ./installation_file -r /users/shareplex/product.rsp

Next Steps

For additional setup requirements, see the Next Steps section in one of the following depending on the platform:

Install SharePlex on Linux/Unix for Oracle Database

Install SharePlex on Linux/Unix for Open Target Databases

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