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SharePlex 9.0.2 - Release Notes

How to qualify object names

So that SharePlex can determine the correct objects to capture from, and post to, you must qualify the object names in the configuration file in the same way that the database stores them logically. The general way this is indicated in SharePlex syntax is:



  • owner is the schema or database that contains the object (or objects, if wildcarded), depending on how that container is defined by the database.
  • object is the name of the object or a wildcard specification to specify multiple objects.

When defining source or target objects in the configuration file, follow these guidelines for specifying the owner component:

Database Fully qualified object name
Aurora database_name.object_name
MySQL database_name.object_name
Oracle schema_name.object_name
PostgreSQL schema_name.object_name
SQL Server schema_name.object_name
SAP ASE schema_name.object_name
SAP HANA schema_name.object_name
Teradata database_name.object_name
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