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SharePlex 9.0.2 - Reference Guide

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Install SharePlex as Root

You can install SharePlex as a root user. When you install as a root user, the installer prompts you to select whether or not to create the SharePlex user groups. When the installer creates the groups, it adds the SharePlex Administrator user to the spadmin group. For more information about these groups, see Assign SharePlex users to security groups.

In a cluster, the installer adds the SharePlex groups to the primary node, but you must add them to the other nodes yourself.

Additionally, see Network checklist for instructions on adding the groups to a nameserver.

To install as root

    1. Log in to the system as a root user.
    2. Copy the SharePlex installer file to a temporary directory where you have write permissions. The installer file has a naming format of:


    3. Change the permissions of the file as follows:

      # chmod 555 SharePlex-release#-OracleVersion-platform.tpm

    4. Run the installer as directed in Install SharePlex on Linux and UNIX.
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