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SharePlex 9.0.2 - Preinstallation Checklist

Map source and target columns

When source and target column names are different, you can specify an explicit column mapping in the configuration file, to ensure that Post applies row data to the correct target columns.

Guidelines for using column mapping

  • To use column mapping, you must map every column in a source table to a column in the target table, even if only some source and target names are different. When some columns are mapped but not others, the entry is considered to be a column partition for vertically partitioned replication, and data changes for non-listed columns are not replicated.

  • You can use horizontally partitioned replication and column mapping for the same source table, but you cannot combine column mapping with vertically partitioned replication.
  • A target table can have more columns than the source table, but there must at least be a target column for every source column.
  • ALTER TABLE to add a column to a table that is configured with column mapping is not supported.

Configure column mapping

The following syntax creates a column map. For more information, see Configure SharePlex to replicate data.

src_owner.table (src_col,src_col,...) tgt_owner.table (tgt_col,tgt_col,...) routing_map
Configuration component Description

The datasource specification. For more information, see Database specifications in a configuration file.

src_owner.table and tgt_owner.table The specifications for the source and target tables, respectively. For more information, see Create a configuration file.


A list of the source columns.

Follow these rules to specify a column list:

  • A column list must be enclosed within parentheses.
  • Separate each column name with a comma. A space after the comma is optional.
  • The maximum length of a column list is 174820 bytes (the maximum line length allowed in a configuration file).

A list of the target columns.

  • List the target columns in the same logical order as their corresponding source columns. This is required regardless of the actual order of the target columns in the table, so that SharePlex builds the correct map in the object cache. For example, a change to the second column in the source list is replicated to the second column in the target list.
  • The syntax rules for the source list also apply to the target list.

The routing map. For more information, see Routing specifications in a configuration file.

Configuration example

Datasourceo.oraA (ID,name,vendor) (UPC,product,supplier)


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