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SharePlex 9.0.2 - Preinstallation Checklist

How to specify case-sensitive names

If the owner (schema or database name) or name of an object is case-sensitive in the database, you must enclose the name within quotes in the SharePlex configuration file.

Note: This applies whether the database itself requires a case-sensitive name to be within quotes, such as Oracle, or whether the database accepts a name that is spelled out in its case-sensitive form without quotes, like SQL Server.

The correct way to specify a fully qualified object name, where both the owner (schema or database) and object components are case-sensitive, is as follows:


The following is not correct, because both components are within one set of quotes:


If only one of the components is case-sensitive, enclose only that name within quotes, and specify the non-case-sensitive name in any case. For example, any of the following is correct:




If a name is not enclosed within quotes in the configuration file, Post converts it to UPPER CASE in its DML operations on the target.

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