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SharePlex 8.6.6 - Preinstallation Checklist

Set up SharePlex in a Windows cluster

Summary of these steps

In the following procedures, you will:

  • Incorporate SharePlex into the cluster environment.
  • Set the SP_SYS_HOST_NAME variable in the Windows Registry.
  • Set the SP_SYS_VARDIR environment variable in the Windows Registry to point to the shared variable-data directory.

Setting environment variables in the Registry

SharePlex gets its environment information from the Windows Registry. The SharePlex environment variables SP_SYS_VARDIR and SP_SYS_HOST_NAME must be set in the Registry to the global cluster package name that is associated with the floating IP address. The global cluster package name is the alias that you created in the hosts file, as directed in the Installer Checklist.

  • SP_SYS_HOST_NAME directs SharePlex to use the alias when any of its processes issues a name lookup (through gethostname), superseding the local system name. It ensures that sp_ctrl commands are directed to the correct host, in this case the global cluster package name, and it enables SharePlex to migrate properly during failover.
  • SP_SYS_VARDIR points to the variable-data directory that you installed on the shared disk. This is the active variable-data directory. Setting SP_SYS_VARDIR ensures that the current replication environment continues to be used by SharePlex after failover.

Important! Do not set these parameters as environment variables, and do not set them on any systems outside the cluster, even if those systems are running SharePlex.

To set the SharePlex variables in the Registry

  1. Run the regedit program.
  2. Locate the following SharePlex entry:


  3. Expand the SharePlex node, then highlight the port number.

  4. In the Name column in the pane to the right, right-click the SP_SYS_VARDIR variable, then select Modify.
  5. Type the full path name of the shared variable-data directory in the Value Data field, then click OK.
  6. Right click the SharePlex port number, then click New and select String Value.
  7. Rename the new string to SP_SYS_HOST_NAME. Use all capital letters.
  8. Click outside the name box to set the new name of SP_SYS_HOST_NAME.
  9. Right-click SP_SYS_HOST_NAME, then select Modify.
  10. Type the global cluster package name in the Value Data field, then click OK.
  11. Close the Registry Editor.
  12. Restart the SharePlex service for the changes to take effect.
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