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SharePlex 8.6.6 - Preinstallation Checklist

Database specifications in a configuration file

A database specification is required in the following components of the configuration file:

  • the datasource (source data store) specification
  • routing map (target data store and location) specification
Database Database type notation* Database Identifiers
Oracle source or target


Depending on the Oracle database configuration, use one of the following. This is the string that SharePlex will use to connect to the database.

  • The Oracle SID of a regular (non-CDB) Oracle database, as in o.ora12.
  • The tns_alias of a pluggable database (PDB) in an Oracle container database (CDB), as in o.pdb1.
  • The global tns_alias of an Oracle RAC cluster, as in o.rac1. SharePlex connects to an Oracle RAC instance through this tns_alias, which is mapped locally on each node to the Oracle SID of the local Oracle instance. For more information about creating this alias, see Configure SharePlex in a Cluster in the SharePlex Installation Guide.

Open Target targets


Use to specify the name of an Open Target (non-Oracle) target database, as in r.mydb. Important! Use the actual database name. Do not use the ODBC datasource name (DNS) or database instance name. If the database name is case-sensitive, specify it that way.

For more information about configuring SharePlex to replicate to a specific Open Target target, see Configure replication to Open Target targets.

Oracle change-history target c.

Use in a routing map to specify the Oracle SID, tns_alias, or global RAC tns_alias of an Oracle change history database, as in c.ORA12CH. In this configuration, SharePlex applies all source transactions as INSERTs to the target tables, to maintain a history of every operation performed.

For more information, see Configure replication to maintain a change history target.

* Note: The dot is required.

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