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SharePlex 11.0 - SharePlex Release Notes

Release Notes

SharePlex® 11.0

Release Notes

Revision: 4/6/2023


About SharePlex

For over two decades, SharePlex has provided high speed database replication for mission critical database environments.

SharePlex supports a wide variety of configurations to meet different and complex data availability needs. A primary class of use cases revolves around database scaling and availability.

  • SharePlex supports reliable Oracle and PostgreSQL high-availability and disaster recovery configurations where replication maintains a duplicate database in a different location that is ready for fast, seamless fail-over and failback in planned or unplanned mode.

  • SharePlex also supports bi-directional, active/active configurations with conflict resolution for PostgreSQL to PostgreSQL and Oracle to Oracle to support horizontal scaling and strategic placement of databases near regional users.

  • SharePlex can support cross platform (Oracle ← → PostgreSQL) bi-directional, active-active replication with conflict resolution to de-risk Oracle to PostgreSQL migrations in complex Oracle environments.

  • SharePlex can improve scaling by offloading Oracle or PostgreSQL reporting workloads.

Another class of use cases involves (generally) cross-platform data movement to support application integration, database interoperability and data lake population. Examples include:

  • PostgreSQL and/or Oracle replication to Snowflake to support data warehouse/data lake pipelines

  • PostgreSQL and/or Oracle replication to Kafka for real-time streaming analytic applications

  • PostgreSQL to Oracle (or) Oracle to PostgreSQL replication to provide interoperability between systems to support database refactoring or migration from Oracle to PostgreSQL.

You can also use SharePlex to replicate data from Oracle source to maintain a change history database in an Oracle target. Rather than updating or deleting target rows based on the source change, SharePlex inserts a new row on the target for every source change. The result is an archive that reflects the chronological history of every change made to the source database.

SharePlex's value and versatility continue to grow with the requirements and requests of our customers. Although SharePlex is a reliable, relatively low-maintenance solution, our top-rated support team is ready around the clock to help with any trouble you may have. To get you started with your deployment, our professional services team is highly experienced and readily available.

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About this release

SharePlex 11 requires new license keys.

License keys issued for versions prior to 11.0 will be incompatible with SharePlex 11.x. Existing customers should obtain a new license key before installing and/or upgrading to SharePlex 11.x.  To obtain a new license key, please refer to the Licensing Assistance page on the Support Portal.

SharePlex 11.0 is available for installation on Linux and Unix platforms.

An 11.x version of SharePlex that can be natively installed on Windows will be delivered in the future. Customers who wish to replicate to and from sources and targets that run on Windows can either use the 10.x version of SharePlex or use remote replication, where the SharePlex software runs on a Linux server. Please see the System Requirements sections for details on supported source/target combinations with remote replication.

Revision History

Document Version Date Change History
2 21st Feb 2023 Added SPSQL- 3596 and SPSQL- 3255 issues in the Known Issues section.
3 21st March 2023 Added AIX 7.3 as the supported operating system.
4 29th March 2023
  • Removed references to specific Oracle version for DDL support.

  • Removed a few non-essential known issues.

5 4th April 2023
  • Updated the ODBC driver information for the PostgreSQL database as a source and target.

  • Removed the Oracle Solaris SPARC 11.3 support information.

6 6th April 2023 Added the version interoperability-related note for Extended Data Types and TLS 1.3.

New Features

What's New in this Release

SharePlex 11.0

PostgreSQL as a source

PostgreSQL source capture is now supported. This version was designed to support the following major features:

  • Replication from PostgreSQL to PostgreSQL, Oracle, SQL Server, Kafka, and Snowflake.

  • Peer-to-peer replication with Conflict Resolution, between PostgreSQL and PostgreSQL, to enable the creation of enterprise grade HA, DR, and Horizontal Scaling PostgreSQL architectures. For detailed information, see the Configure PostgreSQL to PostgreSQL Replication section in the SharePlex Admin Guide.

    Note: A PostgreSQL database set up in High Availability mode is not supported.

  • Peer-to-peer replication, with Conflict Resolution, between PostgreSQL and Oracle, to de-risk and facilitate complex Oracle to PostgreSQL migration and refactoring projects. For detailed information, see the Configure PostgreSQL to Oracle Replication section in the SharePlex Admin Guide.

  • SharePlex Horizontal and Vertical Partitioning. For detailed information, see the Configure Partitioned Replication section in the SharePlex Admin Guide.

Snowflake target

Snowflake is now a supported target for both Oracle and PostgreSQL sources. Please see the appropriate sections for specific conditions of support.

TLS upgrade

Upgraded the TLS version to 1.3.



Resolved Issues and Enhancements

Resolved Issues in this release

The following is a list of issues addressed in this release of SharePlex.

SharePlex 11.0

Issue ID Description Source and target Component/ Feature
SPSQL-3043 Poster is getting core dumped while updating the qa_raw datatype in Oracle to MS SQL replication. Oracle to MS SQL Poster
SPSQL-2997 SharePlex Poster is displaying an ODBC communication link failure error while replicating data from Oracle to Azure SQL Server. Oracle to Azure SQL Server Poster
SPO-24690 SharePlex replicates an incorrect number of characters in SharePlex SQL file while replicating data from Oracle to a flat file. Oracle to flat file SQL file
SPO-24689 When users insert 0 (zero number) in the number data type column of the source table, comma and starting single quotes go missing in the SQL file. oracle to oracle and oracle to SQL file Number data type

While running the pg_setup utility, if users encounter the "file not found" problem on a Linux system , even though the file is present. This issue occurs because the SharePlex has upgraded the OpenSSL library and the PostgreSQL ODBC drivers continue to function with the older version of OpenSSL.

For example: The symbolic link will point to and the symbolic link will point to


ln -s

ln -s

Oracle to PostgreSQL PostgreSQL
SPO-24500 SharePlex is creating only one active parallel session when the source and target database character sets are different. Oracle to Oracle Database character sets
SPO-24068/ SPO-24331 SharePlex is displaying an error and is unable to activate the config file when the config file has an Oracle partitioned table. This problem also occurs when the user runs Compare/Repair on an Oracle partitioned table. Oracle to Oracle Compare/Repair
SPO-24316 SharePlex Capture is displaying the "TDE error log" error even when the database is not using the TDE and there are no encrypted tablespaces or columns. Oracle to Oracle Capture
SPO-24248 When replicating a materialized view from the source to the target, SharePlex does not create the table in the target. Oracle to Oracle Materialized view
SPO-24157 The SharePlex Capture process cores when replicating XML data from a source to a target because it interprets repeated tags as duplicate tags. Oracle to Oracle Capture
SPO-24084 The SharePlex Reader process stopped due to a missed marker. Oracle to Oracle Reader
SPO-24080 When users run the show log capture, read, or poster commands for the data source, SharePlex fails to generate the output. Oracle to Oracle capture, read, and poster
SPO-23964 SharePlex is replicating incomplete XML data from source to target. Oracle to Oracle XML data
SPO-19872 SharePlex Poster is causing slow performance issues as the specific job with rollbacks (full and partial) is performed on the 9.2.x version. Oracle to Oracle rollbacks


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