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Security Explorer 9.8 - Whats New

Quest® Security Explorer® 9.8

Quest® Security Explorer® 9.8

Quest® Security Explorer® provides a single console for managing access controls, permissions and security across Microsoft® platforms that span multiple servers. The product provides a broad array of security enhancements including the ability to identify who has rights to resources across the entire organization. It also provides the ability to grant, revoke, clone, modify and overwrite permissions quickly and from a central location.

Unlike native tools, Security Explorer provides the ability to back up and restore permissions only, ensuring the integrity of data. To help meet auditing requirements, Security Explorer provides convenient reports that can be pulled on the fly. Lastly, the product's cleanup capabilities address common post-migration security issues.

This document highlights key features new in this release. For more information about these or any features, see the Security Explorer 9.8 Installation and User Guides.

Active Directory Security

The new Active Directory Security module gives you the ability to manage Active Directory® permissions. You can grant, revoke, clone, modify, delete, export, backup and restore permissions on Active Directory objects. You also can search for permissions, back up and restore permissions, and generate reports. If you are also using Quest® Enterprise Reporter®, you can launch Security Explorer® from within Enterprise Reporter and use the new Active Directory Security module.

When you open the Active Directory Security module, Active Directory loads the Active Directory objects for the specified domain. You can easily drill-down to view permissions on a specific object.

Search Active Directory for the name of a principal, and choose from the following options to include in the results:

Once you finish the search, you can right-click and choose to manage the permissions. You can save the search scope, save the search results, or generate a report.

You can grant, revoke, clone, modify, and delete permissions on Active Directory objects.

As with all other Security Explorer modules, you can back up and restore permissions on Active Directory objects. The Security Explorer Active Directory Backup File has the .adb extension. You also can use the back up scheduler to schedule the backup.

By default, permissions are exported to a report, which you can save, print, or export. You can generate a report or export permissions to a delimited file for use with Microsoft® Excel®. This report is useful when you are asked to see which users have access to a specific Active Directory path.

NTFS Security module enhancements

Added the ability to purge backup files (Security | Purge Backup Files) and a Purge Backup Scheduler to manage scheduled purges of backup files (Security | Purge Backup Scheduler).

User and Groups module enhancements

Added the ability to set alternate credentials for workgroup computers. Select to show workgroups in the navigation pane in Tools | Options | View, and then use the Workgroup tab to set alternate credentials (Tools | Options | Workgroup).
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