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Rapid Recovery 6.2 - User Guide

Introduction to Rapid Recovery Core Console Core settings
Core settings key functions Rapid Recovery Core settings Core-level tools
Repositories Managing privacy Encryption Protecting machines
About protecting machines with Rapid Recovery Understanding the Rapid Recovery Agent software installer Deploying Agent to multiple machines simultaneously from the Core Console Using the Deploy Agent Software Wizard to deploy to one or more machines Modifying deploy settings Understanding protection schedules Protecting a machine About protecting multiple machines Enabling application support Settings and functions for protected Exchange servers Settings and functions for protected SQL servers
Managing protected machines Snapshots and recovery points Replication Events Reporting VM export Restoring data Bare metal restore
Bare metal restore for Windows machines Understanding boot CD creation for Windows machines Using the Universal Recovery Console for a BMR Performing a bare metal restore for Linux machines Verifying a bare metal restore
Managing aging data Archiving Cloud accounts The Local Mount Utility Core Console references REST APIs About us Glossary

Hiding the Quick Start Guide

It also appears when you select Quick Start Guide from the Help drop-down menu, and each time you access the Home page on the Core Console.

Use the procedure below to hide the Quick Start Guide.

From the Rapid Recovery Core Console, if you are viewing the Welcome page of the Quick Start Guide, do the following:
If you want to hide the Welcome page of the Quick Start Guide, select Don't show again.
NOTE: This option will hide the Welcome page the next time the Start Guide is opened, and every time, until you upgrade the Rapid Recovery Core.

The Quick Start Guide closes. The next time you access the Home page on the Core Console, the Quick Start Guide reappears.

You can also open the Quick Start Guide from the Help menu.

The Quick Start Guide closes. If you select this option, you can still open the Quick Start Guide from the Help menu.

Navigating the Rapid Recovery Core Console

When you log into the Core Console, and any time you click the Home [Home] icon, the Home page appears. The Home page gives you a view of your Rapid Recovery Core, with two options. In the main viewing area, the default content is the new Core dashboard, which displays a set of real-time reports on your system. Default dashboard reports include recent transfer job status, per machine transfer, a repository overview, and connectivity state for protected, replicated, and recovery points-only machines. Or you can switch to the classic Summary Tables view. In this view, the title of the page shows the display name of your Rapid Recovery Core, and you can see summary tables showing protected machines, repositories, and recent alerts. For more information, see Understanding the Home page (summary tables view) and Understanding Core dashboard reports, respectively.

On the Home page (and on every page in the Core Console), the left navigation area shows the items that are protected on your Core. You can navigate to other pages in the UI by doing one of the following:

Expanding the [More] (More) menu on the icon bar, and then selecting a destination.

When you select an item from the left navigation area, the focus of the Core Console changes to display summary information about that item. For example, if you click the name of a protected machine, the Core console displays information about that machine only, rather than the Core. In this example, the display name of the protected machine appears as the title of the page. A submenu appears to the right, letting you view specific information about the protected machine. The menu options include: Summary, Recovery Points, Events, Settings, Reports, and More.

To return to viewing information about the Core, including dashboard reports, or a summary view of multiple protected or replicated machines, click on the [Home] Home icon on the top left of the UI. On the Home page, you can toggle between the dashboard view and the summary page view by clicking the red link at the top right of the page.

You can use the title at the top of the Core Console to provide context for the information you are viewing in the Core. For example:

For information about the features and functions available from each page, see the appropriate section below.

For more information about viewing protected machines, see Viewing the Protected Machines menu. For more information on managing protected machines, see Managing protected machines.

For more information about viewing replicated machines, see Viewing incoming and outgoing replication.

For more information about viewing recovery-points only machines, see Viewing the Recovery Points Only menu.

Understanding the left navigation area

The left navigation area of the Core Console appears on the left side of that user interface. The contents of this navigation area may differ based on the type of objects protected in your Rapid Recovery Core.

The left navigation area always contains the following:

Icon bar. For navigation among the main pages of the Core Console.
Text filter. The text filter is a text field that lets you filter the items displayed in the various menus that appear below it. Clicking the arrow to the right of the text filter expands and collapses each of the menus appearing below it.

Following these elements, the left navigation area typically displays menus to help you navigate, filter, and view the objects protected on your Core. This includes protected machines, replicated machines, and so on.

Each menu is context-sensitive; that is, each menu only appears in the Core Console if it is relevant. For example, if you protect at least one machine, the Protected Machines menu appears, and so on.

For more information, see the left navigation area tables in Viewing the Core Console user interface.

Viewing the Rapid Recovery Core Console Home page

Each time you log into the Rapid Recovery Core Console, or each time you click on the Home [Home] icon in the icon bar, the Home page appears. The Home page offers a dashboard view, and the familiar summary tables view. The summary tables are the default view.

You can toggle between views on the Home page by clicking the dashboard toggle icon [Toggle dashboard view] at the top right-hand side of the Home page.

From the Home page, and every other page of the Core Console, you can navigate to the functions you want by using the left navigation area.

For more information, see the following topics:

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