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Rapid Recovery 6.1.3 - Mailbox Restore for Exchange User Guide

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Understanding Mailbox Restore for Exchange

This section introduces Mailbox Restore for Exchange and provides an overview of the product. It explains the relationship between Rapid Recovery and Mailbox Restore for Exchange, and describes the key features of Mailbox Restore.

About Mailbox Restore for Exchange

About Mailbox Restore for Exchange

Mailbox Restore for Exchange is a comprehensive email recovery program that works with Rapid Recovery and the Rapid Recovery Local Mount Utility (LMU) to recover Exchange items, from a full data store to a single email message.

The recovered Exchange item comes from a Rapid Recovery recovery point. When you install Rapid Recovery Agent on an Exchange server and protect the server with Rapid Recovery Core, the Exchange items stored on that server can be recovered using Mailbox Restore.

The following diagram depicts the Mailbox Restore workflow for recovering an Exchange item.

Figure 1. Mailbox Restore workflow diagram

Mailbox Restore uses Rapid Recovery and the LMU to access the recovery point containing the data store that you want to search and use to recover items. After you open the Exchange database (.edb file) with Mailbox Restore, you can search for any combination of criteria, such as names of mailboxes or folders, across one or multiple Exchange databases. The Outlook-like user interface provides a preview pane, where you can view the message or item in full before performing a recovery.

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