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Rapid Recovery 6.1.2 - Replication Target for Microsoft Azure Setup Guide

Introduction to Rapid Recovery Replication Target for Microsoft Azure

Welcome to the Rapid Recovery Replication Target for Microsoft Azure Setup Guide.

About this guide

This document is for Microsoft Azure users who want to replicate on-premise backups from a Rapid Recovery version 6.x Core to the cloud, taking advantage of the simplicity, security and redundancy offered by Azure, Microsoft’s cloud computing platform.

This document assumes the following:

This document assumes that you use (or plan to use) Rapid Recovery Core 6.x software to provide backup, replication and recovery solutions for your enterprise.

For more information about Quest Rapid Recovery, please visit

For more information about the Azure cloud platform, or to sign up, see

From the Azure Marketplace gallery, you can select a pre-configured virtual machine to add to your account by searching for Rapid Recovery Replication Target VM in Azure. Add this VM to your Azure account as a prerequisite.

For more information, see About creating Azure virtual machines for replication target.

Microsoft has substantial documentation on using Azure available in its documentation center. For more information, see Microsoft Azure documentation.

As part of setting up a VM to replicate from your source Core, you must have dedicated storage in your Azure account that is associated with your replication target VM. For more information, see Adding storage to your Azure VM.

This setup guide includes the following sections:

Introduction to Rapid Recovery Replication Target for Microsoft Azure. This section includes conceptual information about the Azure replication target. It includes links to prerequisite tasks you must accomplish on the Microsoft Azure platform, and includes links to resources. It also describes how to access your VM once it is created, and describes the desktop of a newly created replication target VM.
Upgrading from AppAssure 5.4.3 Replication Target. If you are upgrading your Azure replication target virtual machine (VM) from AppAssure 5.4.3 to Rapid Recovery 6.x, there are special considerations addressed in this section. If not upgrading, skip this section.
Setting up your replication target VM. Setup is simple and quick; all steps should take less than half an hour. This section describes how to set up your new or updated replication target on Azure. Included are directions for adding storage volumes, running the included configuration utility, and disabling Compatibility View in Internet Explorer.
Understanding licensing. Once your Core on the Azure VM is configured, you must register a software license. This section includes information about Rapid Recovery licenses, how to activate your license, and references to relevant documentation and resources.
Considerations for seeding data to your target Core. This section outlines the process of seeding data from your source Core to your replicated Core. It describes steps specific for your replication target on Azure, and references other relevant content about replication.

Working with Microsoft Azure

Microsoft Azure is a subscription-based cloud computing platform. The following information is provided to Rapid Recovery customers to facilitate using Azure with our product.

Azure interface disclaimer

The Microsoft Azure interface is subject to change.

The information provided in this document relating to steps required in Azure were current as of the date of publication. This information is provided as a service to our customers to assist them with Azure prerequisites.

However, when working with Azure, be aware that specific steps, URLs or even the Azure interface may change at any time, which is beyond our control.

If you are having difficulty performing any steps related to your Azure account, please seek the advice of a Microsoft Azure representative.

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