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Rapid Recovery 6.1.2 - DocRetriever for SharePoint User Guide

Introduction to DocRetriever for SharePoint Installing and configuring DocRetriever
System requirements Supported items Roadmap for installing DocRetriever for SharePoint Obtaining DocRetriever installation software Guidelines for upgrading DocRetriever for SharePoint Setting up Windows user accounts for use with DocRetriever Installing, uninstalling, and repairing DocRetriever for SharePoint Creating a local service database for DocRetriever Configuring DocRetriever Console settings Manually specifying the SharePoint database location
Recovering SharePoint data with DocRetriever Working with DocRetriever log files About us Glossary

Location of log files

By default, log files for the installation of DocRetriever are stored in text files in a path on the local C drive of the machine on which the application is installed. Respectively, default paths for these log files are described in the following table.

To detect the appropriate path, including the AppRecovery directory and its children, you may need to change settings for viewing folder options in the control panel to show hidden files and folders.

Table 11. Log file locations

Default Log File Location


Installation log for DocRetriever.

Log of all restore jobs, including specific database queries. Includes information about populated object data from the source.

Contains detailed information about the restore process from the SharePoint API.

You can view service logs from within the Jobs list area of the DocRetriever console. By double-clicking on any specific job in the list, you can also export all information about any specific job. If needed, you can also open the full DRLog file in a text editor to review.

You can also see the default location of the DRLog.log file from the DocRetriever console. From the Settings menu, select Options. In the General Details dialog box, under the Log Settings heading, note the path.

Working with DocRetriever restore logs

You can access log files for restore jobs from the DocRetriever Console after you have submitted at least one restore job request.

Opening DocRetriever restore logs

You must restore at least one job in the DocRetriever Console before performing this task.

Use the steps in this procedure to open and view restore logs.

On the DocRetriever Console, in the Jobs list area, double-click any job listed.

The Restore log window opens, containing a Restore actions tab and a Restore details tab.

Sorting DocRetriever restore logs

Use the steps in this procedure to sort restore logs.

In the Restore log window, in the Restore actions tab, click any of the column headings.

If multiple jobs are listed, they are sorted using the criterion you selected.

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