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Quest Knowledge Portal 2.11 - Install Guide

Starting Knowledge Portal

After you install the Knowledge Portal and the Report Packs, you can start it, for example, by selecting Programs | Quest | Knowledge Portal | Knowledge Portal in the Start menu.

Also, you can connect to the Knowledge Portal by typing its URL in the Internet Explorer address bar in the following format:




For example:


When supplying the URL, you can enter the path to Knowledge Portal's sub-entity (for example, InTrust) you want to be displayed as the root node of the treeview. For that, use the following format when entering the URL:




For example:


Knowledge Portal main page is displayed; to work, for example, with InTrust reports, select InTrust in the tree on the left, and browse for the report you need. To work with the data sources, click the corresponding tab.


Upgrading Knowledge Portal

Seamless upgrade from the following Knowledge Portal versions is supported:

  • 2.10
  • 2.9
  • 2.8
  • 2.7
  • 2.6

To upgrade Knowledge Portal, run the setup and follow the steps of the wizard (described in the Installing Knowledge Portal topic).

Upgrading Report Packs

Upgrades to Report Packs released prior to Knowledge Portal 2.7 will be available after the release of the corresponding product (following the Knowledge Portal release).

You can install new Report Packs (without removing the old ones) as described in the following procedure.

To upgrade the Report Pack

  1. Run the Report Pack setup and follow the steps of the wizard.
  2. On the Upgrade Options step, select the option you need:
    • Override old reports
      Select this option if you want old reports to be replaced with the new ones. No backup copies of the old reports will be kept.
    • Backup old reports
      Select this option if you want to install new reports, keeping backup copies of the old reports. These copies will be stored in the same location where the corresponding new reports are kept (for example, in the InTrust| InTrust for Servers and Applications), in the folder named like Old<number>. Here the <number> is increased by 1 after each Report Pack upgrade.

If you want to create the backup copies only of those reports that were customized, select the corresponding check box.

Note: You can select the Backup only reports which were customized option only if you run the setup locally on the computer where the earlier version of the Report Pack was installed.

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