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Quadrotech PST Flight Deck 9.1.3 - Administration Guide

Forced Migrations

If an environment has a CUA installed, configured, and running with sufficient permissions, it can be used to facilitate Forced Migration requests. A Forced Migration utilizes the CUA to connect to a user’s local machine and copy the eligible PST file over the administrative share on their local system. This enables a user to have their files uploaded without having to go through BITS or even a Migration Agent. This feature is useful for Migration Agents struggling to complete an upload or as a means to migrate users who are rarely connected to the domain.

Support for Application Streaming

The PST Flight Deck Application Streaming Wrapper (ASW) is designed for environments that utilize virtual application streaming to provide Outlook to users. Due to the way application streaming is performed, a typical agent approach cannot be used.


The ASW works as a wrapper for Outlook on an application streaming solution. Upon launch, it checks to see if a user is enabled for migration. If they are enabled, it quickly closes open connections to PST files associated with the user’s Outlook profile during that streaming session. Once that has completed, it launches Outlook and maintains the standard user experience without any of the PST files connected. There is no interaction required from users streaming Outlook but their experience will be impacted as PST files will no longer be attached to their streamed Outlook instance. The ASW is frequently used in conjunction with a Share Scanner and Central Upload Agent to enable discovered files to be uploaded from shared resources without the use of a traditional Migration Agent.

Remote Management

A PST Flight Deck environment can be globally distributed and centrally managed by a single Core server. Administration and operation of the environment can be performed remotely. The PST Flight Deck Management Console is available to those needing the ability to manage a PST Flight Deck migration without the need to edit the settings of the migration solution. The ability to install a console on an Operator’s workstation enables them to perform their duties without the need to grant remote access to the server hosting. The core services and Administration Console.


PST Flight Deck has a choice of user interfaces to interact with the product. To some extent the interface utilized depends on the role being performed. PST Flight Deck is scalable not just in processing power, but also in its ability to adapt to any size of team associated with the migration project.

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