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Quadrotech PST Flight Deck 9.1.3 - Administration Guide

Migration Agent

The migration log is updated every time the agent polls or every ten minutes when the agent checks for configuration changes and its name is MigrationAgent.log The Migration Agent log records items such as routine polling results, user enablement status, error conditions, work items to be processed, etc.

Server Logs

Server logs are used to log all routine work and errors conditions. They are extremely important for troubleshooting problems that occur with modules, consoles, the portal, and all client/server interactions. There is a log for every running PST Flight Deck service, the Admin console on the core server, and the web interface. Each log has a maximum size of 100MB, at which point the new log is created and the original one renamed to include “archive” and a number in its name. These logs are stored in c:\program files (x86)\Quadrotech\logs\. The various server log descriptions are in the following table.  The directory where logs are stored can be changed during installation.




Shows all activity related to the PST Flight Deck Core

Active Directory

Shows all activity of the Active Directory module


Shows all activity of the Backup module


Shows all activity of the deduplication module

Extraction Service and Worker

The service log shows the overall work of the extraction module and the worker log shows the details for individually extracted items


Shows all activity of the park module


Shows all activity of the repair module

Content Scanner

Shows all activity of the content scanner module

Clean Up

Shows all activity of the Clean Up module

Office 365 Service and worker

The service log shows the overall work of the Office 365 module and the worker log shows the details for individually extracted items. This log applies to Exchange migrations as well


Shows all activity of the PowerShell modules


The hosted logs show activity of IIS while PST Flight Deck is processing. There are tow logs, one for the PST Flight Deck core and one for the Helpdesk web interface


Getting Help

If you experience an issue while using our product, please use this guide to attempt to gather as much information as possible about the nature of the issue. Identification of the point of failure of an issue and collecting the appropriate logs when starting a ticket will aid the support process and ultimately, the resolution of the issue you are experiencing. When you have an issue that you are unable to address yourself, you may also contact a Quest support representative by going to

If you have a question on how to use a feature of the product, sizing, or any product related questions regarding the use of the product, then please contact your Field Enablement representative for further guidance.


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