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Quadrotech PST Flight Deck 9.1.2 - Deployment Guide


The ASW works as a wrapper for Outlook on an application streaming solution. Upon launch, it checks to see if a user is enabled for migration. If they are enabled, it quickly closes open connections to PST files associated with the user’s Outlook profile during that streaming session. Once it has completed, it launches Outlook and maintains the standard user experience without any of the PST files connected. There is no interaction required from users streaming Outlook but their experience will be impacted as PST files will no longer be attached to their streamed Outlook instance. The ASW is frequently used in conjunction with the Central Upload Agent to enable discovered files to be uploaded from shared resources without the use of a traditional Migration Agent.


The ASW is currently only available by contacting Quadrotech.

The installation for the ASW is a manual process. The ASW installation media contains a number of files. The following table shows the files and their functions:




Outlook wrapper published via streaming solution


Configuration file for the wrapper


Configuration file for logging


ASW required library


ASW required library

Installation of the ASW involves copying the above files to the streaming solution server and completing the applicable configuration for the wrapper.


After manual installation of the ASW has completed, there are several areas that should be evaluated for configuration.


Configuration of the ASW is required prior to use. All configuration changes to the ASW takes place in the MigrationAgentCitrixClient.exe.config file with the exception of logging. The format of this file is standard XML format and can be edited in any text editor.

Configuration parameters available are as follows:

·OutlookPath – Local Path of the Outlook.exe on the streaming server

·DisconnectSession – Controls behavior of the session after PST file detachment

·DisconnectSessionCommand – Command issued upon session disconnection

·DisconnectSessionMessage – Text informing user of change, forced session disconnection, and the need to reconnect to continue working

·DisconnectSessionCaption – Text used for title bar of DisconnectSessionMessage

·endpoint address – The AdvancedClient.svc endpoint hosted by the IIS instance on the PST Flight Deck server.

Below are some configuration options and examples:


Accepted Value

Example Value


Valid local path to Outlook.exe

C:\Program Files (x86)\Microsoft Office\Office14\Outlook.exe





Any command line directive executable by user initiating session *

shutdown /l /f


Plain text

Your Outlook profile has been changed. Please restart your session


Plain text

Session Disconnected

endpoint address

Full URL to the PST Flight Deck Server hosted AdvancedClient.svc


* Omitting the logoff command (/l) may result in the host machine shutting down. We recommend using the force command (/f).

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