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Quadrotech PST Flight Deck 9.0 - Requirements Guide

For Shortcut Rehydration

PST Flight Deck includes the ability to restore Enterprise Vault shortcuts found within PST files in the upload area prior to the ingestion into a desired target.

The current Enterprise Vault Service Account associated with the shortcuts being restored is required to run the service responsible for any Enterprise Vault related function, including shortcut rehydration. The Enterprise Vault server associated with the shortcuts must be running and able to successfully retrieve the items associated with the shortcuts via API calls to the source server.

The API for the version of Enterprise Vault being retrieved from is also required. This is typically included in the Enterprise Vault installation media (e.g. “X:\Symantec Enterprise Vault\API Runtime\” where “X:\” is the drive letter of the Enterprise Vault installation media). Frequently, customers choose to install the Enterprise Vault Admin Console instead of the API. This is an acceptable and supported configuration.

For Repair

PST Flight Deck includes the ability to identify and repair corrupted PST files where ever possible.

To facilitate this functionality, PST Flight Deck leverages the native repair utility for Outlook. Outlook 2013 x64 or Outlook 2016 x64 is required to be installed on any machine running a Repair module.

Outlook from Office 365 is NOT supported by Repair module.

PowerShell for Software Components

The following PowerShell commands will install the required components for the installation and operation of PST Flight Deck:

Windows 2008 R2 Service Pack 1

Import-module servermanager

Add-windowsfeature application-server, web-server, bits, web-asp-net, Web-Windows-Auth


Windows 2012 and Windows 2012 R2

Install-WindowsFeature Application-Server, Web-Server, Web-Windows-Auth, BITS

Install-WindowsFeature Net-Framework-Features

Install-WindowsFeature Web-Net-Ext45, Web-Asp-Net, NET-WCF-HTTP-ion45


Windows Server 2016

Install-WindowsFeature Web-Server, Web-Windows-Auth, BITS

Install-WindowsFeature Net-Framework-Features

Install-WindowsFeature Web-Net-Ext45, Web-Asp-Net, NET-WCF-HTTP-Activation45


It may be necessary to utilize the –Source switch to specify the Sources directory on your installation media depending on your OS setup. For additional information, please read the following article:

Antivirus Exclusions

PST Flight Deck is a product designed to move large quantities of data from client workstations to a desired target. This involves a high level of processing against a given file. If not appropriately excluded, antivirus software can cause file locks, missing data, and performance-related issues that can impact the functionality of PST Flight Deck. The following should be excluded from antivirus scanning.

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