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Quadrotech PST Flight Deck 9.0 - Deployment Guide

Active Directory Synchronization

PST Flight Deck must obtain information from Active Directory (AD) related to domains and user accounts. Upon initial synchronization, information related to all domains are added to the PST Flight Deck databases. After installation has completed and before using the product, this synchronization should complete.

To confirm AD synchronization has been initiated:

1.Launch the PST Flight Deck Admin Console

2.Select Settings > Scheduled Tasks

3.Confirm the “Synchronize Active Directory” task’s “Last Run” time is populated

Depending on the environment, collecting all the required information from a domain can take some time. The process can be observed in the PST Flight Deck Administrator or Management Console under the Users section of the Manage screen. To learn how to enable logging in PST Flight Deck please visit our knowledgebase article on the topic.

Next Steps

Upon completion of the Core installation and configuration, the main part of your PST Flight Deck installation will be complete. To validate the installation is working as expected, install at least one Migration Agent on a workstation and perform an initial test ensuring the test file completes processing from one end of the migration to the other. If the migration did not complete successfully, it is a good idea to validate the configuration of your PST Flight Deck installation prior to performing any other troubleshooting.

Migration Agent

PST Flight Deck leverages a component installed on end-user workstations called the Migration Agent. This agent is critical for discovering PST files, providing meta-data to help to determine PST file ownership, managing the user interaction with the PST files, and uploading PST files to a centralized location throughout a migration project.

The Migration Agent has a lightweight footprint and is supported on many client operating systems. Prior to installation, a workstation should be confirmed to meet the system requirements for the Migration Agent. For details as to the requirements to install the agent please refer to the Requirements Guide.

Agent Version

The Migration Agent has 64 and 32 bit versions. The version of agent that will be installed will coincide with the architecture of Outlook which is installed. For example, if a client has the 64 bit version of Outlook installed, they will need to install the 64 bit version of the Migration Agent. To determine what version of Outlook is installed on a workstation please refer to the article on the Office Support site.

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