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Quadrotech PST Flight Deck 9.0 - Deployment Guide


Share scanner configuration is performed by editing the config.xml file located in the specified installation location. The configuration file is fully commented with examples on how to edit the configuration. Minimally, the server section needs to be modified to reflect all project drives desired for scanning. In the example below, two source locations are shown. The Share Scanner can be used to scan dozens of source resources.


Example of <server> section configuration:










When appropriately configured, the scanned results should appear in the Console shortly after they are identified.

Management Console

PST Flight Deck has a powerful GUI which grants control and reporting options for your migration called the PST Flight Deck Management Console (Management Console). With it you can manage migrations, communications to end users, and generate reports related to the progress and performance of your environment.


The Management Console is available via a standalone installer. Review the Requirements Guide for the minimum requirements and supported systems for installation.

To install the Management Console:

1.Log into the machine where you will be installing the Management Console as an account with sufficient rights to perform the installation.

2.Execute the Management Console MSI installer: ManageUI.msi

3.Follow installer prompts to provide the following information:

b.Review and accept the License Agreement

c.Confirm or alter the installation location

d.Provide the PST Flight Deck SQL instance being used and confirm access

e.Provide Core server name or alias and method of communication to the server

f.Select Install to begin the installation

g.Monitor the installation and select Finish once completed


Once installed you can launch the Management Console from the start menu with an account with sufficient access to the PST Flight Deck database.

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