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Quadrotech PST Flight Deck 9.0 - Deployment Guide


The Content Scanner will attempt to scan any PST file which is marked as Ownerless. The content scanner can also be set to scan all files from a given target regardless of ownership association. This can be useful for project shares that have files which may have been discovered from a number of users or perhaps a single unique user.

To specify targeted servers:

1.Launch Admin Console and select Settings > Computers

2.Highlight the file servers desired for target

3.Under the Content Scanner section, select Set to target those servers

4.Refresh view to confirm the targeting

Next Steps

Once installed and configured, the Content Scanner attempts to scan all PSTs found on a targeted server or associated with the configured “Ownerless Account”. The Content Scanner identifies the owner of a PST file by scanning the sender and recipient information of its content. It is able to help determine ownership of a PST file by documenting when the most frequently occurring sender or recipient within a PST file matches for over 50% of items within a PST file. The results of the content scanner become visible in the Management or Admin Consoles under Manage > Owners.

Shared Scanner

The Share Scanner is a supplemental component that can be used in conjunction with a Core installation. The purpose of the Share Scanner is to enable resources such as file servers and project shares to be scanned for PST files contained on those resources. Identified files are sent to the Core server for inclusion in the PST migration project.


The Share Scanner is able to be installed via an MSI available on our FTP site. The Share Scanner should be installed with a dedicated account that would never naturally be associated with any PST files. The account will need sufficient rights on the file servers and other resources it is intended to scan. Several file servers can be associated with a single Share Scanner.

The installer for the Share Scanner includes the following components that can be installed:



Content Scanner Module

Used to scan PST files to aid in ownership discovery

Central Upload Agent

Agent used as an alternate means to transfer PST files to the upload location

File Scanner

Primary feature of installer. Used to discover PST files located on file servers or project shares

To install the Share Scanner on a supported server:

1.Log into the machine where you will be installing the Share Scanner as an account with sufficient rights to perform the installation

2.Execute the Share Scanner MSI installer: SharedScanner.msi

3.Complete installer prompts providing the following information:

b.Review and accept the License Agreement

c.Select the components to be installed on the machine

d.Supply and validate the account that will be used to run the selected components

e.Provide Core server name or alias and method of communication to the server

f.Provide the UNC location for the BITS upload directory for the location the Central Upload Agent will write to

g.Select Install to begin the installation

h.Monitor the installation and select Finish once completed

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