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Quadrotech Nova Current - User Guide

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Report Reader Role in Nova

Report Readers are assigned a view-only status for reports. They can read, print and download (.CSV or .PDF) reports, but unable to create, import, clone or edit reports. Nova administrators have the right to grant this access to protect and maintain accountability, data integrity and security.


Users' with the Report Reader role:


·See reports made by their organization (custom reports).

·Schedule and download reports.

·Change sort criteria and column ordering (without saving).

·Use search fields.

·Schedule reports to be sent to any recipient.

·Edit and cancel their own scheduled reports.



·See any pinned reports.

·Modify the sharing status for a report.

·See application settings in the settings panel.

·Access the Manage, Manage Administration, Usage & Adoption or the Service Health Monitoring tab.


Contact Center

Use the Contact Center to manage the list of individuals who you want to be notified when alerts or other events occur.


To access the Contact Center, click the Settings button (a gear) located in the top right of the Nova window, and then select Contact Center, as shown below.
contact center 1


You can search for contacts and update their names. You can add new contacts manually, or they're added automatically when they're invited to log in to Nova for the first time.
Contact Center 2


This list of individuals in the Contact Center is also used when you're scheduling reports. So, if you're sending a scheduled report to someone who's not already listed in your contacts, open the Contact Center and add them manually before scheduling the report.



From the Contact Center, you can specify which alerts you want each contact to receive by clicking More button, and then selecting the Settings tab. Here's how it looks:


Error Loading Application

Known issue

In some situations, you may receive an error that says ‘Error loading application', as shown below:



The issue is that delegation and policy control configuration isn't set up for the tenant that you are accessing. You can change to a different tenant that does have this configured, from the list of tenants that you have access to. To do this, click on your profile and select a different tenant from the list.


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