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Quadrotech Archive Shuttle 10.3 - Installation Guide


This guide contains detailed information on installing the Quadrotech Archive Shuttle Core Server and modules and includes common installation scenarios.

Installation Scenarios

The following topics give some example installations showing which components are installed on which servers.

Enterprise Vault to Enterprise Vault - Cross Site

The following diagram shows one possibility of where the Archive Shuttle modules can be installed in order to support the migration of Enterprise Vault archives between Enterprise Vault sites. This scenario can also be used to migrate archived data between Enterprise Vault servers and Vault Stores in the same Enterprise Vault site.

The migration configuration shown will also support migration between different versions of Enterprise Vault. This is possible because the EV Export Module is installed on a source EV server, and the EV Import Module is installed on a target EV server.


Enterprise Vault to Enterprise Vault - Cross Forest/Org/Geography

The following diagram shows a slightly more complex migration scenario that also involves more data than the first scenario.

In this example, the dotted red line shows the possibility that the data is manually shipped between the two environments. There are several ways that this can be achieved, for example:

Physically ship the data on tape or other media between the environments. The import modules used in the target environment then need to be configured to point to the location where the copy is mounted.



Copy the data through restricted ports or firewalls. Again, the import modules used in the target environment need to be configured to point to the location where the copy is mounted.

NFS and CIFS in tandem. With this approach, the Staging Area needs to be shared via a generic username/password using NFS and again shared as a normal CIFS share. If appropriate to the environment, firewall ports for NFS then need to be opened to allow the export module to write to the NFS share. For this reason, this approach normally means that the Staging Area is located on the target environment. This is shown in the diagram below.


Note that the same approach can be used for migration to other target environments.


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