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Quadrotech Archive Shuttle 10.2 - Release Notes

Quadrotech Archive Shuttle 10.2

Release Notes

February 2021

These release notes provide information about the latest Metalogix® Quadrotech Archive Shuttle release.

·New Features

·Resolved Issues

·Known Issues

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New Features

Version 10.2 of Quadrotech Archive Shuttle introduces the following features:

·A new "Import Root" setting has been added to Mapping Template configuration on the Templates/Mapping Templates page which allows you to set custom root templates for mappings.

·Performance enhancements have been implemented in the areas of SourceOne folder performance and the processing of Enterprise Vault, Quest Archive Manager, SourceOne, Metalogix, PstExport and EST items.

· Local user validation in Credentials Editor has been enhanced.

·A new column, "Module is hanging" has been added to the Modules page and functionality has been added to handle modules that are "stuck."  This includes a configurable setting that will restart a module in the hanging state.

·A new column, Mailbox Type, has been added to the Journal Transformation page, with allows you to identify whether a user's mailbox is Primary or Secondary.

·You can now enable item splitting for individual container mappings.

·A configurable setting allows you to prioritize active users over leavers.

·A new tab has been added to the Naming Policies page to allow you to customize the Target Path Name Policy.

·A new Journal Transformation setting allows you to enable/disable the collection of sender receipts during Enterprise Vault export.  (Note that this option is used only when selective migration functionality is enabled.)

·The output of PowerShell script execution is now written to the module log file.

Resolved Issues

The following is a list of issues addressed in this release.


Work Item

Case No.

The issue "Bulk Mapping page stuck on Loading when searching for specific ContainerName with filtering DAM archives" has been resolved.



The issue "Error occurred during adding sender recipients and associated items" has been resolved.



The issue "Credential-related error occurs when OAuth authentication is used" has been resolved.



The issue "Revert changes  done for EV export TRACE logs" has been resolved.



The issue "Performing a PowerShell script for collection of a single archive mailbox is failing with an Object Reference error" has been resolved.



The issue "After creating a mapping to O365, the Stage 2 Remove User command fails" has been resolved.



The issue "Send results of SenderRecipient collection failing with Object Reference  error" has been resolved.



The issue "Archive Shuttle is unable to scan Metalogix environment due to the missing column in the Metalogix DB" has been resolved.



The issue "Archive Shuttle is unable to successfully delete shortcuts for a Metalogix environment" has been resolved.



Known Issues

The following is a list of issues known to exist at the time of release.


Issue ID

During a PST export, the module stops communicating with the core and logging after a few hours, at which point memory usage increases.


DAM collection of archives is failing with a "Sequence contains no matching element" error.


Syncing DAM archives can cause SQL server issues.


Choosing to delete a Mailbox Shuttle tenant in Cloud Admin may result in the deletion of the Archive Shuttle tenant.


The Update License command is not working on a tenant using Cloud Admin.


For O365 Leavers, license is not assigned when Secondary (Archive) Mailbox is chosen.


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