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Quadrotech Archive Shuttle 10.2 - Administration Guide


This guide contains detailed information on configuring and using Quadrotech Archive Shuttle.

Configuring Archive Shuttle

This section outlines the basic steps required to configure Archive Shuttle. This is applicable for most archive migration projects. The user interface and other components of Archive Shuttle are explained in subsequent sections. We recommend reading each section before performing the post-installation configuration.

Initial Archive Shuttle Setup

After Archive Shuttle has been installed, the following five tasks need to be performed before you start migrating archives:

·Configure module schedules.

·Enable Active Directory domains.

·Add Enterprise Vault environment(s), if Enterprise Vault is the source or target environment.

·Add link databases.

·Configure module mappings.

·Validate the setup.

Configuring Module Schedules

During Archive Shuttle installation, the core product, databases, and a number of modules will have been deployed in the environment in order to fulfill migration requirements. During the installation of the modules, each module is enabled. If modules are not enabled, they will not receive any work from the Archive Shuttle Core.

In order to check that all appropriate modules are enabled and operational, follow these steps:

1.From the Archive Shuttle web interface, click Configuration > AS Modules in the navigation bar.

2.Review the list of modules:

·Ensure all required modules are present. For more information see the Quadrotech Archive Shuttle Installation Guide, as well as the Quadrotech Archive Shuttle Planning Guide, which will help you validate this part of the migration.

·Ensure that the computer name, domain name, and version are as expected.

3.Verify that all modules are reported appropriately and that none of the modules have a red background. If they do, there is a communication problem between the module and the Archive Shuttle Core.

All of the modules are configured to run continuously by default. If this doesn’t meet your requirements for the migration, modules can be individually scheduled to more suitable times using the [Set Schedule] button on the AS Modules page.

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