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QoreStor 7.0.0 - Command Line Reference Guide

Introduction to the QoreStor Command Line Reference Guide Introducing QoreStor Managing QoreStor
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maintenance filesystem --check [--verify_data ]<storage group name>


NOTE: This command is available only on Windows systems.

Starts filesystem checker to check for consistency issues in storage groups.

NOTE: The ocasfd service must be stopped and restated into maintenance mode before checking the filesystem. You will be prompted to stop the service when running the maintenance --filesystem --check command.


maintenance filesystem --check --verify_data StorageGroup


ERROR: The ocafsd must be stopped before "maintenance.exe filesystem <option>" can be run. 
Stopping the ocafsd......DONE
Make sure ocafsd service is stopped...DONE
Start ocafsd service in maintenance mode...DONE
Cleaner backlog is empty
Stopping the ocafsd.........DONE
Checking storage group "DefaultGroup"
ofsck.exe --rpcport 9917 --dry_run   --disk_journal_path Q:\Repository\ocaroot\\
journals --nvm_journal_path Q:\Repository\ocaroot\\journals --group_id 0
Quarantine enabled
Recomputed bytes out             : 0
Recomputed bytes in                : 0
Recomputed Savings                 : 0.000000%
Recomputed Post Enc Bytes          : 0
Unlinked ofsck marker files.
ofsck.exe --rpcport 9917 --dry_run   --disk_journal_path Q:\Repository\ocaroot\\
journals --nvm_journal_path Q:\Repository\ocaroot\\journals --group_id 0 - rc =	0
Ofsck run complete
Error 2 opening to get file size [Q:\Repository\var\ocarina\._ofsck_report]
ALERT: Inconsistencies Found in File System. Please proceed with repair. Use
--report option to check the report of the scan operation.
--repair option to run repair to fix the issues found.
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