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QoreStor 6.1.0 - Interoperability Guide

NetVault Backup and vRanger Feature Compatibility

The tables below provide more detailed information on NetVault Backup and vRanger feature compatibility with QoreStor.

Table 15: NetVault Backup feature compatibility
Feature NVBU 12.0.1 NVBU 12.1 NVBU 12.2 NVBU 12.3 NVBU 12.4
Integrated RDA plug-in version
Compatible RDA plug-in versions







Secure Connect WAN restart-ability1

Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Create storage groups and containers from DMA Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
OpDup DR to QoreStor2 Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
OpDup QoreStor to DR Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes


Table 16: vRanger feature compatibility
Feature vRanger 7.6.5 vRanger 7.7 vRanger 7.8
Integrated RDA plug-in version 4.03 4.0.3202.1

Secure Connect WAN restart-ability1

No No No
Create storage groups and containers from DMA No No No
OpDup DR to QoreStor2 Yes Yes Yes
OpDup QoreStor to DR Yes


(w/ DRv4.0.3203.1b)


(w/ DRv4.0.3203.1b)

Supported system limits

This section lists the supported configuration limits for the QoreStor system.

Table 17: Supported configuration limits
Feature Cloud-optimized Standard Large

Maximum containers

16 32 64
Maximum VTL containers 1 2 4

Maximum storage groups

5 5 5
Maximum streams 32 64 128
Maximum connections - CIFS/ Rapid CIFS 16 32 64
Maximum connections - NFS/ Rapid NFS 16 32 64
Maximum connections - RDA 32 128 256
Maximum connections - OST 32 128 256
Maximum replications 16 32 64

Reference Architectures

The information in the sections below is intended to help you properly size your QoreStor server.

Reference guidelines

The specifications detailed in Hardware references were constructed with the performance guidelines listed below in mind. Please review the performance guidelines below and select an option suitable for your environment. Use that same reference in the Hardware references section to identify the representative reference architecture.

Table 18: Reference guidelines
Reference Guidelines CPU 
Memory (GB) NIC Minimum IO Minimums Inbound bandwidth
        SSD Support



IO spindles

Ingest Rate Max

@ 90% deduplication rate

Extreme 32-64 128+ 4 x 10GbE Required

IOPs = 100K+

BW = 700MiB/Sec



30+ TB/HR
Enterprise 32-64 64-128 2x 10GbE Optional

IOPs = 20K+

BW = 300MiB/Sec



20 TB/HR
Standard 8-32 32-64 2x 10GbE Optional

IOPs = 10K+

BW = 200MiB/Sec



10 TB/HR
Starter 4-8 24-32 4+ x 1GbE NA

IOPs = 5K+

BW = 100MiB/Sec



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