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Preparing Migration 8.14 - Upgrade Guide

Step 4b. Upgrade the Resource Updating Agents

If you upgrade the Migration Manager console (as described in Step 2. Upgrade Migration Manager on the Console Machine earlier in this document), the state of all computers with Resource Updating Manager Agents that have an earlier version will change as follows:

  • The Failure state will appear in the Status column of the Resource Updating Manager console right pane.
  • The Details column will contain the entry Agent version is incorrect.

Caution: The Discovery and Processing tasks become unavailable for such computers. The Move and Cleanup tasks remain available.

To upgrade the Resource Updating Manager Agents on the computers you want to process, do either of the following:

  • Remove the Resource Updating Manager Agents from the computers using the Cleanup task (in case these agents were installed using Discovery task), and then install the Resource Updating Agents anew using the Discovery task.
  • Upgrade the Resource Updating Manager Agents directly to the latest version using the msi-based RUM Agent setup (in case these agents were installed using the msi-based setup).

Tip: For instructions on how to create a RUM Agent setup, see the Pre-installing Resource Updating Manager Agents section of the Migration Manager for Active Directory Resource Processing Guide.

After the Resource Updating Manager Agents have been successfully upgraded, check the state of the computers in the right pane of the Resource Updating Manager console. You should see the following:

  • The OK state in the Status column
  • Nothing in the Details column

Step 5. Upgrade the Exchange Agents

If Migration Manager for Exchange is deployed in your environment, upgrade the Exchange agents.

Before you proceed with the agent upgrade, ensure that the Microsoft Exchange Server MAPI Client and Collaboration Data Objects 1.2.1 version 6.5.8353.0 or later is installed on the computers where the agents will run:

  • Standalone agent hosts,
  • Agent hosts with Microsoft Exchange version 2007, 2010 or 2013 installed.

Note: Since the MAPI CDO setup package is not available for distribution, you should download it from the Microsoft Web site. At the moment of the last document update, the download link is

Upgrading legacy Exchange agents

To perform the actual upgrade of legacy Exchange agents (that is, any agent except Migration Agent for Exchange), complete the following procedure:

  1. Start the Migration Manager console.
  2. Switch to the Exchange Data tab.
  3. Right-click the root node in the navigation tree and select the Hotfix Installation Wizard from the shortcut menu. The wizard will help you update all the existing agent installations. The wizard automatically detects the servers that should be updated. For each server, the wizard displays a list of agents that will be updated.
  4. Click Next to start updating the agents on the selected servers. Note that this process can take a relatively long time to complete.

After the update is completed, you can view the log to see the success status of the hotfix installation. If network or server problems prevented the agents from being updated on any of the selected servers, fix the problems and then run the Hotfix Installation Wizard again.

Upgrading Migration Agent for Exchange

To perform the actual upgrade of Migration Agent for Exchange instances, complete the following procedure:

  1. Start the Migration Manager console.
  2. Switch to the Exchange Data tab.
  3. Go to the Agent Management node of the navigation tree.
  4. In the middle pane, select all agent hosts where Migration Agent for Exchange should be upgraded and perform the Repair Agents operation.
  5. Wait until the wizard upgrades the Migration Agent for Exchange instances on the previously selected agent hosts.
  6. Click Finish.

Note: During the Repair operation for an instance of MAgE agent or for the certain agent role, all instances of all MAgE agent roles that reside on the agent host will be upgraded.

Step 6. Upgrade the Client Profile Updating Utility

The last step in upgrading Migration Manager for Exchange is to upgrade the Client Profile Updating Utility. For that, simply install the new Client Profile Updating Utility from the Migration Manager CD.

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