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On Demand Migration Current - Administrator Guide

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Configuring Connections

Before proceeding with the migration, you should provide Azure AD administrative credentials for the source and the target tenants and grant consent for the application.

Configuring connections for source and for target tenants

  1. Click Configure Connections on the dashboard.
  2. In the Configure Connections dialog select the tenant and click Edit. Provide or change administrator credentials, specify advanced options in case you want to limit the maximum number of PowerShell connections and/or specify EWS endpoint, and grant necessary permissions to allow the product to access the tenant. You will be redirected to the Microsoft web site for granting admin consent.

Caution: Do not exceed maximal number of concurrent PowerShell connections allowed for your organization to avoid throttling issues.

TIP: To increase the maximal number of allowed concurrent connections, if necessary, open a support ticket to Microsoft.

Once admin consent is granted, you can proceed.

NOTE: Consent status may automatically expire after 90 days. If you are not finished with the migration, grant consent again.

  1. When both source and target connections are configured, click Finish.

Advanced Options

The following advanced options can be configured for connections:

  • Concurrent PowerShell connections

You can increase Concurrent PowerShell connections settings to speed up the concurrent tasks completion or set the value in case of editing of the migration projects that have been created in previous versions of the On Demand Migration. The default Office 365 quota is 3 open connections per user.

  • Specify Custom EWS URL

Specify custom EWS endpoint for connecting to Exchange Web Services (EWS), in case you do not want to use EWS endpoint located by Autodiscover service automatically.

Sharing Availability Information

To allow users retrieving each other's calendar free/busy information, create a relationship between the source and the target tenants. It can be easily done from On Demand Migration migration project management interface:

  1. Go to the migration project Dasboard.
  2. Click Accounts to open account migration Dashboard
  3. Click Enable Calendar Sharing and verify source and target domain names. Click Next to proceed.
  4. Schedule when the task will be started. See Task Scheduling for details. Click Next to view task summary.
  5. Name the task and check selected options. Click Finish to save or start the task depending on schedule option selected.

Collecting Account Information

Before proceeding with the migration, enumerate all accounts and retrieve relevant information from the source tenant. The discovery collects all necessary account data and optional statistics on connected mailboxes for your source tenant to avoid misconfiguration and prevent possible issues.

  1. Click Discover Accounts on the dashboard to create a new discovery task.
  2. To enrich the basic account information with details from Microsoft Office 365/Exchange Online, select Include statistics on mailboxes.

NOTE: Mailbox statistics discovery might be a lengthy process.

  1. Schedule when the task will be started. See Task Scheduling for details. Click Next to view the task summary.

TIP: Give informative names for the tasks. It will greatly simplify the project management and event filtering in the future.

  1. Click Finish. A new widget appears on the project dashboard to show the task status.
  2. Click the task name on the widget to see the details or use Show all link.

Once the discovery task is complete, you will see the source domain’s accounts summary on the project Dashboard and can perform Pre-Migration Assessment.

Caution: Don’t start the migration before the discovery task is finished. It might result in incorrect processing of migrated objects.

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