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On Demand Migration Current - Administrator Guide

About On Demand Migration Before You Start Working with On Demand Migration Starting Migration Project Configuring Connections Sharing Availability Information Collecting Account Information Pre-Migration Assessment Account Migration Hybrid Account Migration Domain Coexistence Mail Migration OneDrive Migration Resource Processing Public Folders Migration SharePoint Migration Microsoft Teams Migration Content Migration for Office 365 Groups Troubleshooting Finalizing the Migration

Project Dashboard

New Migration UI

All information about the migration project features is summarized on the main project Dashboard. The main Dashboard content depends on your subscription.

On the main migration dashboard you can:

  • Monitor the migration process, detect, and troubleshoot the issues with the Events widget.
Account Migration dashboard in classic Migration UI

# Control  
1 Breadcrumbs Keep track of your location within project and quickly return to the previous steps.
2 Menu

Configure, manage, and control every aspect of the migration project. Match and migrate Azure AD accounts, process resources with Accounts, migrate mail with Mailboxes,migrate OneDrive for Business storages with OneDrive, monitor and troubleshoot the project with Events, and control the flow of the migration with Tasks.

3 Notification area Action items, alerts, tips, tricks, and other notifications are displayed in this area.
4 Action pane Set up and fine tune the migration with these commands.
5 Collection list View existing account collections and add new account collections. See Collection Dashboard for details
6 Getting Started widget

Don’t know where to start? Check our Quick Help.

7 Accounts widget See the summary on accounts and quickly navigate to the list of accounts
8 Mailboxes widget See the summary on mailboxes and quickly navigate to the list of mailboxes
9 OneDrive widget See the summary on OneDrive for Business storages and quickly navigate to the list of OneDrive users
10 Tasks widget See the status summary for the current migration flow and quickly navigate to all tasks
11 Errors widget

See the summary on warnings and errors and quickly navigate to all migration events

12 Domain Coexistence widget

Start Address Rewrite Service, monitor the service and quickly navigate to the list of mailboxes that already have associated target pairs and can be added to the service. See Domain Coexistence for details

Collection Dashboard

The migrated environment may be very big and complex. The accounts might belong to different offices and geographical locations. Some groups of employees, like top management, Finance or Legal divisions should be given special care when migrating. To make large environments more manageable, organize the accounts into collections. For details how to create collections and use them see Using Collections

Working with Collection Dashboard

A collection acts like “migration project within migration project”. The Collection Dashboard shows the collection-specific summary, allows you to see accounts added to it, create tasks for them, and monitor the progress for the selected subset of accounts.

  • To see accounts included in the collection, click Browse Accounts or just open Accounts tab. You will get the list of accounts that belong to the collection.
  • To see the tasks for collection-specific accounts, use the corresponding widget on the collection dashboard or open Tasks tab.
  • To see the events related to the collection, use the corresponding widget on the collection dashboard or open Events tab.
  • To rename, or delete the collection, click the corresponding buttons in the toolbar.
  • To populate the collection with discovered accounts using comma-separated CSV, file click Fill from File. Refer to Using Collections for details.
  • To return to the project dashboard, click the project name in the navigation bar.

Task Management

From the Tasks list you can control the individual steps of the migration project:

  • Track the task progress and view the results of finished tasks. Select a task to see a details pane in the right pane of the screen for the detailed information and statistics. Use search or filtering to quickly navigate through the list of tasks.
  • Start, stop, and delete tasks.
  • Edit tasks.

To optimize performance you can schedule start for all tasks as necessary. For details see Task Scheduling.

Task Scheduling

To optimize performance you can select schedule options for all tasks using Schedule page of task wizards. This is reasonable for the task that may take a considerable amount of time. The following options are available:

  • Run now
    To create and start the task automatically when the wizard is finished.
  • Schedule
    To create and start the task automatically as scheduled.
  • Run later
    To create and start the task manually.


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