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On Demand Migration Current - Administrator Guide

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Signing up for Quest On Demand

To get access to On Demand Migration, you need to sign up for the Quest On Demand service. For that, go to Quest On Demand and use one of the following options:

You must accept the Software Transaction Agreement before using this product.

Organizations and Regions

When you sign up for the On Demand service for the first time, you create an organization and you become the On Demand organization administrator. You can add additional organization administrators.

For more information about managing your organization see Organizations and regions section in On Demand Global Settings User Guide.

Adding a Tenant

To create your migration project, specify source and target tenants. For latest information on adding or removing tenants, please see the Tenant Management section in On Demand Global Settings User Guide.

Upgrading Throttling Policies

In order to minimize Office 365 throttling impact to migration and to raise the overall migration throughput, we highly recommend to upgrade your Office 365 tenant throttling policies. Please contact Microsoft support with the request to raise the limits for the following throttling parameters to 'Unlimited':

  • EwsMaxBurst
  • EwsRechargeRate
  • EwsCutoffBalance

The upgrade can be done for the time of your migration only.

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