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On Demand Migration Current - Administrator Guide

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Microsoft Teams Migration

On Demand Migration for Teams securely migrates Microsoft Teams across Office 365 tenants. Microsoft Teams migration requires additional licensing.

IMPORTANT: Before migrating any Teams sites, account migration project for your source and target tenant should exists, and account matching /migration should be completed to ensure all accounts exist in the target tenant.

Basic Microsoft Teams migration workflow consists of the following steps:

# Step
Create Microsoft Teams migration project
Grant necessary permissions in case these permissions are not already granted

Discover teams on the source tenant

On this step you can see names, suggested for target teams. In case you need some changes use manual mapping as described below. There are no provision on the target on this step.

Export teams mapping to CSV file

Map teams manually using exported CSV file

You can use manual mapping to migrate source team to the target team with another name. If the channel do not exist, it will be provisioned. Also you can use manual mapping to merge several source teams to one target team.

Create Office 365 groups and Provision teams on the target tenant

Migrate teams

Migrate / merge all conversations (including inline content) from the source to target channels.

Automatically migrate associated files

All files, associated with selected teams are transferred to the channels. If the channel do not exist, it will be provisioned.

Monitor the progress and track issues

What We Migrate: Microsoft Teams Migration

Objects and content types
Object Supported? Comments
Team owners and team members (creation Office 365 groups) Only for accounts that are migrated / matched
Associated SharePoint document libraries (Files)  
Team picture  
Team settings partially See Team settings section below
Guest accounts and conversations  
Wiki sections and pages  
Applications including Shifts for schedule management  
Formatted text  
Authorship partially Authorship in messages is migrated as a string with author name and creation date
Link preview of public sites  
User mentions  
Mentions of Teams and channels  
Images posted inline from buffer  
Emojy, Teams GIFs, memes  
Link preview of public images  
Attached images, media files, documents


E-mail attachments  
Code snippets  
Meeting conversations  
Meeting recordings  
Files uploaded from mobile application:    
Media files  
Voice recordings  
Rich card attachments:  

NOTE:If you re-run the migration, only new messages are processed. The modified messages are unchanged; deleted messages remain visible.

Team Settings
Category Setting Supported?
Team picture Team picture
Member permissions Allow members to create and update channels
Member permissions Allow members to create private channels
Member permissions Allow members to delete and restore channels
Member permissions Allow members to add and remove apps
Member permissions Allow members to upload custom apps
Member permissions Allow members to create, update, and remove tabs
Member permissions Allow members to create, update, and remove connectors
Member permissions Give members the option to delete their messages
Member permissions Give members the option to edit their messages
Guest permissions Allow guests to create and update channels
Guest permissions Allow guests to delete channels
@mentions Show members the option to @team or @[team name] (this will send a notification to everyone on the team)
@mentions Give members the option to @channel or @[channel name]. This will notify everyone who's shown the mentioned channel in their channel lists.
Team code Team code
Fun stuff Enable Giphy for this team
Fun stuff Filter out inappropriate content using one of the setting below
Fun stuff Enable stickers and memes
Fun stuff Allow memes to be uploaded

Project Interface Walkthrough

Project Dashboard

# Control  
Breadcrumbs Keep track of your location within project and quickly return to the previous steps.

Configure, manage, and control every aspect of the migration project. Match and migrate Teams, monitor and troubleshoot the project with Events, and control the flow of the migration with Tasks.

Action pane Set up and fine tune the migration with these commands.
Welcome widget Don’t know where to start? Check our Quick Help.
Teams widget See the summary on teams and quickly navigate to the list of teams
Tasks widget See the status summary for the current migration flow and quickly navigate to all tasks
Errors widget

See the summary on warnings and errors and quickly navigate to all content migration events


List View for Microsoft Teams

# Control  
Teams grid List of discovered teams with last information, completed workflows, team information, and mapped target team names
Assessment view You can quickly switch to assessment view to track potential problems, misconfiguration, and risks that might adversely affect the migration.
Details pane Refer to this pane for extended details related to the selected object
Related event filters Quickly navigate to the filtered event lists related to the selected object
Assessment View for Microsoft Teams

Refer to the Pre-Migration Assessment for Teams for the complete list of available reports.


Verify the following requirements are met before starting the migration. If these actions are not performed, discovery, provision and migration tasks will fail or some data might be lost!

  • Consents are already granted for source and target tenants.
    The following consents should be granted before Teams migration feature can be used
    • Migration - Basic,
    • Migration - Resource Processing for SharePoint,
    • Migration - Teams.

TIP: If the admin consents are not granted or expired, Discover Teams action is disabled and the following notification is displayed: Grant admin consent to the following Migration sub modules on the Tenants page for both source and target tenants: Basic, Process Resources for SharePoint, and Teams. Open Tenants page and grant the necessary permissions so that the product can access the source and target tenants. You will be redirected to the Microsoft web site for granting admin consent. Once admin consent is granted, you can start discovering Teams.

  • Azure AD administrative accounts should be granted Global Administrator role on the tenants for which these account are used.
  • The source and the target Azure AD administrative accounts should have Teams license.
  • Match and/or migrate the affected accounts in the associated account migration project.
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