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On Demand Migration Current - Administrator Guide

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Enabling Address Rewriting

  1. Make sure you have added the mailboxes to address rewriting. Click On in Address Rewrite facet to show the joined mailboxes.
  2. Go to the migration project dashboard and click Enable Coexistence in Domain Coexistence widget.

Disabling Address Rewriting for Individual Mailboxes

  1. Open Mailboxes
  2. Click On in Address Rewrite facet to show the mailboxes for which address rewriting is enabled.
  1. Select the mailboxes for which you want to turn off address rewriting and click Address Rewrite.
  2. In Address Rewrite Management task, select the Stop address rewriting for the selected mailboxes option.
  3. Click Next to view the task summary. Check selected options, name the task, and click Finish to start the task.
  4. The task is created. You can track its progress in the Tasks or monitor alerts and notifications in the Events.

Disabling Address Rewriting

  • Open project dashboard
  • Click Disable in the Domain Coexistence widget.

NOTE: You can turn Address Rewrite Service off at any time to stop sending outgoing messages with substituted email address. The list of joined mailboxes is not affected.

Mail Migration

Basic mailbox migration workflow consists of the following steps:

# Step
Deploying Client Update Agent
Migrating Mailboxes
Configure mail forwarding from target to source
Configure notifications for mailbox owners
Switch mailboxes
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