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NetVault 11.3 - CLI Reference Guide

Introduction Getting started Using the command-line utilities Using the nvreport utility


Allows you to generate and view canned reports from the command-line interface. For more information about using the reporting functionality, see Using the nvreport utility.


Verifies the structural, entity, and referential integrity of the Scheduler Database. It checks the following:

Table 84. nvscheddbcheck


Lists various records stored in the Scheduler Database. The output includes the following items:

You can use this option to determine which records should be deleted.


Performs database checks, and displays the status.


Specifies the minimum severity level of messages that are displayed. -v can take the following values:

all: All messages
back: Background messages
inf: Information messages
job: Job messages
warn: Warnings
error: Errors
severe: Severe errors

When you set the severity level, only messages at that level and higher are displayed.


Sends an email to the specified address.

Table 85. nvsendmail


Specifies the email address of the intended recipient.


Specifies the actual name of the intended recipient.


Specifies the subject line of the email.


Specifies the email message file that you want to send.


Specifies the attachment that you want to send. Provide the full path for the attachment file.


Forces mime format.


Specifies notification mode in which the necessary parameters are obtained from the host environment.


Sends an operator message.

Table 86. nvsendopmsg


Sends notification from environment variables.


Sends a test message.

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