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NetVault 11.3 - Administration Guide

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Restores using Data Copy savesets fail on clients running NetVault Backup 10.0.1

When restoring a Data Copy saveset on a client running NetVault Backup 10.0.1 or an earlier version, the job fails.

The restore job reports the following error:

Failed to get index.

The trace logs contain the following messages:

New style index.

Corrupt index file, version number invalid.

On NetVault Backup Server 10.0.5 and later, the Plug-in for Data Copy creates index version 4, which is incompatible with earlier versions of NetVault Backup. A client running NetVault Backup 10.0.1 or an earlier version cannot read these index files, causing the restore job to fail.

To restore Data Copy savesets generated from NetVault Backup Server 10.0.5 or later, the client must be upgraded.

Restore fails on Itanium platforms if the index is larger than 2GB

On Itanium platforms, restore fails for backups with indexes larger than 2GB in size.

On Itanium platforms, when you try to restore a backup with an index larger than 2GB in size, the job fails with the error message “Failed when sorting items to restore.”

To correct this issue, increase the stack size:

On the standard UNIX platforms, edit the ulimit setting from the CLI to increase the stack size.
After changing the value, run the ulimit -a command to ensure that the setting has been changed.
On HP-UX Itanium platforms, use the bash command kmtune or kctune (depending on the operating system) to access to the kernel stack size information. The stack variables are maxssiz for 32-bit applications and maxssiz_64bit for 64-bit applications.

Safe Mode in NetVault Backup

The following error conditions can force NetVault Backup to run in Safe Mode:

When these errors occur, NetVault Backup continues to run in a restricted mode, allowing you to use the WebUI to diagnose and troubleshoot the problems.

In safe mode, you can access the following pages:

Problem Summary: This page lists the issues that caused NetVault Backup to enter safe mode. Depending on the error type, the Fix option is provided to assist you in resolving the error.
View Logs: You can use this page to examine the log messages, which can contain additional information about the error condition.

You can use the following options that are available on the Safe Mode pages:

Use the Fix option to resolve the issue: The following table describes how you can use the Fix option to resolve the error.

Key process failures

When NetVault Backup enters safe mode due to this error, no options are provided to resolve the issue.

Database connection failures

The Fix option checks the connection status, and displays the following information:

The Fix option also provides a link to restart the PostgreSQL Service.

Low disk space issues

The Fix option shows the disk space usage percentage, and provides the following links to free up disk space:

Restart NetVault Backup in normal mode: Once NetVault Backup enters safe mode, it remains in this mode whether the error is resolved or not. To exit safe mode, restart NetVault Backup in normal mode.
You can use the Restart in normal mode button or links on the page to restart the application.
Search Knowledge Base articles: You can use the Knowledge Base link to search knowledge base articles for solution.
Restart NetVault Backup with diagnostic tracing enabled: You can use the link on the page to restart NetVault Backup in normal mode with diagnostics tracing enabled.
Contact Quest Technical Support: If you are unable to resolve the issue, click this link to report the issue.


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