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NetVault Plug-in for Sybase 3.2 - User Guide

Completing post-restore requirements

After the Sybase database has been successfully restored with NetVault Backup, bring each restored database online. By using the Sybase software on the target Sybase Server, you must bring each successfully restored database back online. For instructions on bringing a Sybase database online, see the Sybase ASE documentation.

Using other restore procedures

This topic describes other restore operations that you can perform with the Plug‑in for Sybase.

Restoring Incremental and Differential Backups

It is important to understand how Incremental and Differential Backups are performed to restore either of these types of backup properly. Therefore, Quest recommends that you review Using Incremental Backups and Using Differential Backups before attempting a restore of either type. The following topics outline the steps required to restore from Incremental and Differential Backups successfully.

Restoring from an Incremental Backup

IMPORTANT: To prevent an error from occurring, take the database offline before performing an Incremental restore.

Restore from an Incremental Backup: Last Full plus all relevant Incremental Backups: Using this strategy to restore a database to a specific point, first restore the original Full Backup and then each individual Incremental Backup in the order that they were created, up to the applicable point. The following example shows what would be required to restore a database to its most recently backed-up state, after the original Full Backup and two subsequent Incremental Backups had been performed.

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