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NetVault Bare Metal Recovery 11.2 - User Guide for NetVault Backup Server

Verifying access and availability of disks for restore

The next step is to verify access and disk availability of the new or target NetVault Backup Server.

From the NetVault Backup WebUI, open the NetVault Backup Selections page.
Double-click the Plug-in Server, labeled “VaultDR APM,” to open it.
When the “self” node is displayed, double-click it to display all disk device information for this NetVault Backup Server.

Recovering the source NetVault Backup Server

The final step in the recovery process is to restore the offline backup of the original NetVault Backup Server to the new or target NetVault Backup Server. To recover the server, complete steps outlined in the following topics.

CAUTION: Even if there is no difference between the system devices in a backup and a restore, the order of the disks might be different. If the restored data is started without performing a rename, any data that exists on the disks is lost. To compare the information of the physical disk at backup and restore, note the Disk Geometry and Device Size at backup.

For version 1.1.6 and later, also compare the Disk ID of the targeted disk on the Create Selection Set page to the Disk ID of the same disk on the NetVault Backup Selections page.

Quest strongly recommends that you disconnect all disks that contain critical data from the server before you boot NetVault Bare Metal Recovery for NetVault Backup Server.

Prerequisites for recovery

A DR restore procedure is a delicate operation. Before setting up and running a DR restore, ensure that the following prerequisites have been met:

Ensure that device filenames match: The target device name on the NetVault Bare Metal Recovery Client, for example, Disk 0 (IDE), must be the same as it was at the time of backup.
Gather noted Device Size and Disk Geometry information: This information should have been noted before the backup. Have this information handy to complete the restore properly.

Selecting data for a restore

On the Create Restore Job — Choose Saveset page, select VaultDR APM from the Plugin Type list.
When you select a saveset, the following details are displayed in the Saveset Information area: Job ID, job title, server name, client name, plug-in name, saveset date and time, retirement setting, Incremental Backup or not, Archive or not, saveset size, and snapshot-based backup or not.
Click Next.
On the Create Selection Set page, select the data that you want to restore.
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