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NetVault Bare Metal Recovery 11.1 - Release Notes for Windows Offline Client

Dell™ NetVault™ Bare Metal Recovery Plug-in Offline Client for Windows® PE 11.1

About this release

NetVault Bare Metal Recovery Plug-in Offline Client for Windows PE 11.1 is a minor release, with enhanced features and functionality. For complete product documentation, visit

Known issues

Backing up Dynamic Disks is only supported through Disk Raw Mode.

17966 (VDG‑252)

Restoring a GPT partition table to a larger disk results in a new partition that is the same size as the original: When a DR image is taken, the partition table is stored with it. At restore time, this partition is written to the new target disk and re-creates the original disk. If you restore to a disk that is larger than the original, the disk is partitioned to match the original size, which can result in unused disk space. For example, if you restore a 100GB image to a 200GB disk, it is partitioned for 100GB and leaves the extra space unused. You can use third-party partitioning tools, such as GNU Parted or PartitionMagic, to correct this issue.

17967 (VDG‑253)

VMware® 4.x and earlier not supported: Because the NetVault Bare Metal Recovery Plug-in Offline Client for Windows PE is based on a Windows® Preinstallation Environment (PE) that is based on Windows 8, you might encounter the following error if you boot a VM that resides on VMware 4.x or earlier:

For more information, see


To complete a restore job in which the target contains a Unified Extensible Firmware Interface (UEFI) partition, use a blank disk. Windows PE does not include a tool that can be used to unmount the UEFI partition so that it can be overwritten during the restore; this issue causes restores to fail.


System requirements

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