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NetVault Plug-in for NDMP 11.4.5 - Application Notes for Dell FluidFS


About Dell FluidFS

Dell FluidFS is a proprietary, scaled-out, distributed file system that adds file services to the Dell EqualLogic, Dell Compellent, and Dell PowerVault storage product lines. (FluidFS running on Dell PowerVault NX3500/36x0, Dell EqualLogic FS7500/76x0, and Dell Compellent FS8600 NAS Appliances is also referred to as firmware.)

The FluidFS architecture is open-standards-based, supports industry-standard protocols, and provides innovative features that relate to high availability, performance, efficient data management, data integrity, and data protection. As a core component of the Dell Fluid Data architecture, FluidFS brings differentiated value to the various Dell storage offerings. It is a network-attached storage (NAS) file system that is accessed by using Common Internet File System (CIFS) and Network File System (NFS) protocols.

The high-availability and data-integrity capabilities of FluidFS provide a solid foundation for a strong data‑protection strategy. Additional elements built on this foundation include snapshots, replication, and Network Data Management Protocol (NDMP)-based backups, which protect data against localized failures, outages, and disasters.

Snapshots: Fast, point-in-time, read-only copies of NAS volumes that users can access to recover files or directories.
Replication: Local or remote disk copy that administrators can use for disaster recovery or to recover data if a service interruption occurs.
NDMP-based backups: Full data backups of NAS storage using NDMP-compliant Data Management Application (DMA) devices and backup devices such as tape drives and disks.
Two-way NDMP backup (Direct NDMP): – Enables directly attaching FC tape to the FC switch used by FluidFS, and not through a DMA server. The backup data is transferred directly across Fibre Channel to the attached backup target without traveling across the LAN. Only the backup control data travels across the LAN from the NDMP client with backup software.

The Quest® NetVault® Backup Plug‑in for NDMP (Plug‑in for NDMP) integrates with NetVault Backup so that you can maximize the benefits of NDMP. The Plug‑in for NDMP enhances backup performance and uses data transfer over the network, while maintaining centralized backup administration, and providing fast, online backup and restore of data. Available for UNIX, Windows, and Linux, the plug-in, combined with the Dell NAS FluidFS architecture, provides a full-featured solution that includes replication, backup, recovery, automation control, direct access restores, and Dynamically Shared Devices. It provides central management and an easy-to-use interface, which simplifies deployment.

This document covers the scenarios and configuration options for using this integrated solution.

Key benefits

About this document

This document provides information about using the Plug‑in for NDMP with Dell FluidFS. It is intended as a supplement to the Quest NetVault Backup Plug‑in for NDMP User’s Guide that describes the common procedures for installing and configuring the plug-in.

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