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NetVault Backup Plug-in for NDMP 11.1 - Application Notes for NetApp ONTAP

Additional notes

When restoring data, you may notice one or more of the following entries in the NetVault Backup logs. These messages are routine and do not require any intervention:

Mover has paused due to seek outside the supplied window: This entry is displayed as a Background message. BRE backups create a segment on tape for each checkpoint (as configured in Number of Gigabytes Between Checkpoints in the Backup Options Set). This message is displayed after each individual segment is restored and it just indicates the underlying mechanism behind the NDMP operation.
Received media request for UID: This entry is displayed as an Information message. It is displayed after each segment is restored as a request is sent to the Media Manager for the media that contains the next segment. This message is displayed even if the next segment resides on the same media.
No suitable drive or media for the job — Request held in queue: This entry is displayed as a Warning. It is displayed when the required piece of media is not available or it is in use. If the piece of media being requested is the current one, this message indicates a temporary condition and the restore resumes shortly.

Restoring Incremental Backups

The incremental restores build on each other. To restore an Incremental Backup, you must have all the backups from Level-0 through the last backup in the backup sequence that you want to restore.

Renaming or relocating data

When restoring a backup, you can rename the directories to create a copy of the data instead of overwriting of the existing versions. You can also relocate the data to a different volume. This procedure can be useful if the original volume is down or if you are dealing with limited bandwidth or capacity.

In the Restore Rename dialog box, configure the following option:

Restoring data to an alternate filer

To relocate a backup to an alternate filer, use the following procedure. It can be useful during a server migration or disaster recovery operation.

Before you start the restore procedure, add the target filer to the plug-in. For more information, see the Quest NetVault Backup Plug‑in for NDMP User’s Guide.

Click Edit Plugin Options, and configure the following option:
NDMP Server: This option specifies the target filer name. By default, it is set to the name of the original filer from which the data was backed up. To relocate the data to an alternate server, type the name of the target filer.
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