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NetVault Plug-in for NDMP 10.0.5 - Application Notes for Isilon

Backing up data

About backup dump levels

Level 0: Level 0 indicates a Full Backup. A Full Backup backs up all the data in the specified path.
Level 1 to 9: Level 1 to 9 indicate Incremental Backups. Incremental Backups are based on the most recent lower‑level Incremental Backup, and include any data that has changed or is new since the last Full or Incremental Backup.
Level 10: Level 10 indicates “unlimited” Incremental Backups. A Level 10 Incremental Backup includes any data that has change since the last Incremental Backup (Level 1 to 10).

Backing up data using the plug-in

In the Navigation pane, click Guided Configuration, and then on the NetVault Configuration Wizard page, click Create Backup Jobs.
In Job Name, specify a name for the job. Assign a descriptive name that allows you to easily identify the job for monitoring its progress or restoring data.
Click Create New next to the Selections list.
On the NetVault Backup Selections page, open the NetVault Backup Server, and then open NDMP Client.
Select the applicable filer, and in the Actions list, click Enter Backup Path.
In the NDMP Backup Request dialog box, configure the following settings.
Level 0: Performs a Full Backup.
Level 1 to 9: Performs an Incremental Backup at the specified level.
Level 10: Performs unlimited Incremental Backups.
For example, after completing Level 0, 1, and 2 backups for the directory /ifs/data/test, you want to perform a Full Backup of the directory while retaining the Incremental Backups, select this check box. This tells the system to create a Level 0 Backup, and then perform a Level 3 later to pick up files that have changed since Level 2.
By default, the Backup Mode option is set to TIMESTAMP. In this mode, a directory is scanned during Incremental Backups to identify the files that need to be backed up.
To enable snapshot-based Incremental Backups, set the Backup Mode option to SNAPSHOT. Snapshot-based backups improve backup speed by quickly identifying the changed data. In this mode, the snapshot taken for a backup is retained until a new backup of the same or lower level is performed. During an Incremental Backup, the previous and current snapshots are compared, and all the data that has changed is backed up.
Click OK to save the settings.
To submit the job for scheduling, click Save & Submit. You can monitor the job progress from the Job Status page and view the logs from the View Logs page.
To save the job definition without scheduling it, click Save. You can view, edit, or run this job from the Manage Job Definitions page. This job is not displayed on the Job Status page until you submit it.
For more information about Job Status, View Logs, and Manage Job Definitions, see the Dell NetVault Backup Administrator’s Guide.

Exclude and Include patterns

The Exclude and Include options are only available in OneFS® 6.x and later versions. The Exclude option works only in OneFS 6.5.3 and later versions.
All patterns are relative to the <FILESYSTEM>/ root directory. For example, “tmpdir work/project1” in Exclude, excludes all the items in the “<FILESYSTEM>/tmpdir” and “<FILESYSTEM>/ work/project1” directories.
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