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Migrator for Notes to Exchange 4.16 - Release Notes

Resolved issues

Resolved an issue in which the customer experienced permissions errors during deletion of distribution group members. Now the BypassSecurityGroupManagerCheck parameter is added to the PowerShell command when removing group members.


Resolved an issue with notification messages where MNE always accesses Active Directory to get user attributes even when they are not required.


Resolved an issue where Get-MNEMigrationResult returns the same value for WorkItemRunStartTime and WorkItemRunEndTime.


Resolved an issue where SSDM users receive the error message “Unable to update profile First Last”.


Resolved an issue where user mailboxes are automatically mapped into the Outlook profile of the migration admin account after executing the Add-MneMailboxAdminPermission cmdlet.


Resolved an issue where private folders are migrated to Exchange with more permissions than intended.


Resolved an issue with re-migration mode using MAPI/HTTP lib.


Resolved an issue with Notes ACL rights migration where the user is unable to expand the folders of the shared mailbox.


Resolved an issue where hotspots containing certain non-English characters (such as umlaut) are not migrated properly.


Resolved an issue where, when using Azure PowerShell module v2, all admin accounts created by the admin pool utility are created with Force Change Password Next Login enabled.


Resolved the following issues with RunOnce scheduled tasks:

The Next Start Date value in Managed Scheduled Operations is different from the start date specified for the scheduled task.


Resolved an issue where duplicate PST files are created when re-migrating multiple archives with the SSDM.


Resolved an issue where the Invoke-MNEProvisionGroupCollection and Invoke-MNEProvisionUserCollection commands do not query a group / user dynamic collection.


Resolved an issue where migration fails if Modern Authentication is enabled on the SSDM when the user’s Office 365 account name is different from the mailbox’s primary email address.


Resolved an issue where the MNE can not support multiple Invoke-MNEMigrateUserData commands in a machine.


Resolved an issue where Notes hotspots pointing to a file system do not work after migration.


Resolved an issue a user may encounter the following error when migrating a Notes embedded Windows Metafile:
ERROR: Failed to resize Gdiplus::Image. Error 0x2.


Resolved an issue when migrating to Office 365 using the SSDM with Modern Authentication enabled, contacts could not be migrated if the target mailbox was the Office 365 Online Archive mailbox.


Resolved an issue when migrating to Office 365 using the SSDM with Modern Authentication enabled and the migration target was not the root of the user’s primary mailbox, only message content was migrated. Tasks and calendar appointments were not migrated.


Resolved an issue when migrating to Office 365 using the SSDM with Modern Authentication enabled, custom attributes configured with a custom attrs.tsv file were not supported.


Resolved an issue when, if you tried to retrieve a group collection using Get-MneCollection and specified the collection GUID, you got an error indicating that you specified an incorrect group type. Now if you specify the GUID, the correct collection is retrieved.


Resolved an issue where, If there is an inline monochromatic Bitmap inside a user's mail, the following Gdiplus error can be encountered during the migration:


Resolved an issue where a user incorrectly got an error about not enough available licenses when they tried to reduce the size of the admin account pool. The user was running out of licenses and tried to reduce the size of the admin account pool to free up more licenses. The new pool size was greater than the number of licenses available, which incorrectly resulted in an error. However, the user was not trying to consume licenses but to free them.


Resolved an issue that, when using the Mail-In 2. Set Forwarding configuration template, the "Append Domino domain to the forwarding address" check box was not saved so the template had to be modified each time it was used. Also, to change the "Append Domino domain to the forwarding address" check box, you had to change the option in the dropdown list for "Build address from" from Internet Address to Targeting Forwarding Address and back to Internet Address to make the check box editable.


Known issues

Most of the known issues and limitations of any migration process are due to feature inconsistencies between the source and target environments. That is, features that are available in the Notes environment simply cannot be migrated to a target environment that does not offer the same or comparable features. Other limitations are due to feature incompatibilities, where similar features are available in both the source and target environments, but their implementations are so different that the migration may be impractical. In any case, most administrators regard these sorts of limitations as trivial or incidental to an overall migration project.

Quest distinguishes between known “issues” (listed here), which are believed to be temporary and likely to be resolved in a future release, and known “limitations,” which are believed to be inherent to the process and environmental architectures, and are likely permanent. Appendix A of the MNE Pre-Migration Planning Guide provides a list of all such known limitations of the migration process as facilitated by the current version of Migrator for Notes to Exchange.

The following is a list of issues, including those attributed to third-party products, known to exist at the time of this release.

Draft calendar items are migrated to Exchange, but after migration they are not fully functional.


MNE truncates a Notes user's name if the Domino name exceeds the maximum name length in Exchange, but any subsequent run of the Directory Export Wizard will generate a duplicate object record, since the Wizard will not recognize the truncated name compared to the Notes original.


When the Data Migration Wizard removes forwarding from an Office 365 user, and there is no local AD, the Wizard successfully completes its run, but generates three errors-two of which are failed attempts to locate the user in AD.


When a recurrence pattern for a series of meetings is supported in Notes but not supported in Outlook, and when the organizer OR attendee, but not both, has been migrated, some updates/cancelations/responses for single occurrences will not work.


A migrated recurring meeting may not correctly show the accept/decline status of a Notes user to whom a meeting invitee delegated the invitation, when the delegation and the delegee's acceptance or decline occurred prior to migration.


Exchange does not let other applications (including Notes Migrator for Exchange) set the owner property of items migrated to resource mailboxes.


When migrating only iNotes contacts, the Notes Mail Files screen does not appear, so you cannot choose to migrate via the server or the file system. The program will run via file system if that's what you chose for your last migration, unless you go into the Task Parameters or INI file and change it.


The MNE Migration Worker process may crash when configured to share a single MAPI profile across all worker processes. This issue only occurs when the MAPI/HTTP protocol is enabled. The product’s default configuration settings have been chosen to avoid this issue, but you may encounter this issue if the following combination of INI settings are used:





The SSDM may crash when installed on a non-English operating system with Outlook 2016 and [Notes]RewriteDocLinks=1.

To resolve the issue, set [Exchange]RewriteRTF=7.


When migrating off-line, the HTMLdoclinks program parameter, in the [General] section of the Data Migration Wizard's task parameters, must be set to 0 (zero). The HTMLdoclinks=0 setting tells the Wizard to migrate Notes doclinks as Notes-style doclinks, which can be opened in Exchange only if a Notes client is installed on the client workstation. By default (HTMLdoc­links=1), Notes doclinks would migrate to Exchange as HTML-style links, which can be opened in a web browser if the user is able to use iNotes, but that default setting will cause errors in an offline migration.


Outlook archiving is not applied to migrated messages within the age range set for auto-archiving, because Outlook determines message age by Last Modified time, which it updates to the migration date/time upon migration. Since all migrated messages become zero days old as soon as they are migrated, and Outlook won't let the Data Migration Wizard reset that property to its true pre-migration date/time, the Outlook archiving feature skips the messages until they have "re-aged" to the archive age (typically 30 days) following migration, at which time all of the migrated messages will be archived.


System requirements

Before installing MNE, make sure your environment meets (or will meet) these minimum hardware and software requirements.

Domino servers

Supported Domino source environments (all ranges inclusive):

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