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Migrator for Notes to Exchange 4.16 - Administration Guide

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Appendix A: How do I ...?

Post-installation configuration

These tasks configure the Migrator for Notes to Exchange process as a whole, so are typically performed before the more specific configuration tasks for a particular migration project:

How do I set the account permissions necessary for migration?

This question is answered, for both proprietary and hosted Exchange targets, in the System Requirements (see the Migrator for Notes to Exchange Quick-Start Guide and Pre-Migration Planning Guide, preceding the Requirement Specifications).

How do I configure Migrator for Notes to Exchange for a non-English Notes locale?

For a non-English locale, you may need to reconfigure up to four sets of parameters for both the Data Migration Wizard (for batch migrations) and the SSDM (for per-desktop migrations). Review the four subsections below to determine whether you need to edit the parameters for your locale.

The topic How do I add or edit program parameters? elsewhere in this Appendix explains how to change these parameter values, and also explains the important difference between Global Parameters (system-wide defaults) and Task Parameters (parameter settings for a single specific task).

These parameter configuration changes should be entered in the Global Parameters if all or almost all of the migrating users reside in a single non-English locale. If the migrating users are distributed across a variety of locales, it may be more practical to define separate collections and migration tasks for users in the different locales, and then make these configuration changes in the Task Parameters. In either case, remember that the parameters should also be reconfigured in notesdtapp.ini.

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