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Migrator for Notes to Exchange 4.16 - Administration Guide

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Office 365 Admin Account Pool utility

About the Account Pool utility

Microsoft currently imposes various throttles in Office 365 to ensure service availability and performance for all tenants. Some of these throttles take effect when any account (including a migration admin account) initiates more than two concurrent connections. Each migration thread counts as a connection, so throttling can have a dramatic impact on migration performance to Office 365. Migration solutions commonly achieve optimal throughput with eight to twelve threads for migration to local targets, and potentially more threads for higher-end hardware. To achieve similar results to Office 365, separate migration admin accounts must be used to bypass the throttling limitations.

Since Microsoft’s throttle is applied per admin account, Migrator for Notes to Exchange runs multiple admin accounts simultaneously, on separate machines, each set to migrate with only one thread at a time. The net throughput then becomes a function of the sum of all these multiple accounts’ processing threads—one per admin account.

Migrator for Notes to Exchange includes an Admin Account Pool Utility that helps you manage a "pool" of Office 365 admin accounts for this purpose. The utility is designed to help you coordinate and "choreograph" all these admin accounts.

Licensing Office 365 accounts for Migrator for Notes to Exchange's Admin Account Pooling utility

Before March 2015, Office 365 accounts used for Migrator for Notes to Exchange’s Admin Account Pooling utility were typically unlicensed. However, some customers then began receiving connectivity errors when connecting to Office 365 with those accounts. These customers reported that licensing the Admin Pool users resolved the connectivity errors, so with this feature Migrator for Notes to Exchange can automatically license these accounts (if required), and then subsequently unlicense them when the migration is complete.

Microsoft Office 365 licenses are transferable, so they can be reassigned after they are dissociated from the Admin Account Pooling accounts. Note that this dissociation also deletes any O365 mailbox that may have been created for the account, but admin accounts created for this purpose typically do not need or use O365 mailboxes.

This licensing/unlicensing feature is explained below under Managing the Admin Account Pool.

Necessary preparations for the Admin Account Pooling utility

A few simple preparations are necessary before you can use the Admin Account Pooling utility.

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