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Migrator for Notes to Exchange 4.16.3 - SSDM User Guide

About the Migrator for Notes to Exchange documentation Scenarios overview Migration to a proprietary Exchange
Migration to a proprietary Exchange target Pre-migration preparations Batch migration process Post-migration activities
Migration to Microsoft 365
Pre-migration preparations Batch migration process Post-migration activities
SSDM (per-desktop) migration

Pre-migration preparations

This chapter applies only if you are migrating to Microsoft 365. If you are migrating to proprietary (on-premises) Exchange, see chapter 2 (Migration to a proprietary Exchange).

Any migration scenario requires preparation of the source and target environments, implementation of a coexistence strategy, configuration of administrator accounts, and preparation of the required software. These procedures can be time consuming because they include configuring accounts and permissions across multiple environments, configuring applications that run concurrently to facilitate the migration, and other considerations. However, these procedures are typically performed once, before the first users are migrated, so they need not complicate the entire migration process.

Before you begin, decide your strategy for accommodating the Exchange free/busy limitation as explained in the Migrator for Notes to Exchange Pre-Migration Planning Guide (chapter 2, see Provisioning the Target Active Directory).

The flow chart that follows illustrates the pre-migration preparations for migration to Microsoft 365. The step numbers in the flow chart correspond to the step numbers in the process instructions that follow.

Step 1: Establish Microsoft 365 account

Contact Microsoft to establish your Microsoft 365 account (if you haven’t already).

If you will provision Microsoft 365 from existing local Active Directory (AD), your Microsoft 365 setup must include installing a Microsoft AD synchronization tool. See your Microsoft documentation for guidance in the installation and configuration of the AD sync tool.

Step 2: Verify all system requirements are satisfied

All system requirements must be satisfied before you begin. System requirements are documented in the Migrator for Notes to Exchange Release Notes. System requirements include the administrator accounts that are used to run the Quest applications and to access data and features in the Notes/Domino and Exchange/AD environments. The accounts require specific permissions, also specified in the system requirements. If these accounts do not exist, create and configure them now.

Step 3 (if provisioning from local AD):Install and configure local Active Directory

Conditional Step: This step applies only if you intend to provision Microsoft 365 from local proprietary Active Directory. If you will provision by some other method, skip to step 4.

Install and configure the local proprietary Active Directory (AD) with the Exchange schema, if it is not already up and running. Provisioning the local AD occurs at a later step in this procedure.

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