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Migrator for Notes to Exchange 4.16.1 - Release Notes

Server hosting the SSDM scheduling utility web service version 4.5 must be installed. If the SSDM Scheduling Web Service is running, you must change the .NET Framework version of the Application Pool used by the SSDM Scheduling Web Service to .NET 4.5.

Upgrade and compatibility

There is no need to uninstall a previous version before installing a new version. The upgrade installation and setup are fully automated, and will preserve any data already migrated by an earlier version, so you may simply resume the migration process from wherever you left off with the previous version.

IMPORTANT: The upgrade process will back up your existing pabreplicator.nsf, attrs.tsv, msgtypes.tsv, NMEPSErrorFile.xml, wte_template.htm, ybm_template.htm and ynma_template.html files and copy them to the target installation folder.

The following locally saved configuration files are overwritten as part of the upgrade to release 4.16.1. Make a backup copy of these files before performing the upgrade.

The upgrade procedure contains a step for restoring the files.

If you are migrating to an on-premises Exchange server, it is important to ensure that the Exchange administrator account used by MNE to perform the migration does not belong to the Domain Admins or the Enterprise Admins security group, or to the Organization Management role group. Since these groups are denied Receive As rights on all mailbox databases, adding the Exchange account to any of these groups will result in conflicting permissions. These conflicting permissions have always had the potential to cause issues, but due to changes in how MNE connects to the target mailboxes, it is more likely that the conflicting permissions will prevent the new version of MNE from connecting to the mailboxes that are the migration targets.

Product licensing

Migrator for Notes to Exchange is a metered-use product that requires the application of a valid license key. An MNE license key is installed in the MNE Notes Migration Manager component.

Quest sells license keys for particular numbers of users to be migrated. When the limit is reached the software continues to function nominally for users that have already been migrated, but will not migrate additional users. The same license is used for all functions of a particular user (provisioning, forwarding, migration, etc.), and the user license count increments the first time any program function is applied to each user. That is, when any feature of any MNE component is applied to a particular user, all features of all components can be applied to the same user under the same license. Moreover, users can be re-migrated (if necessary) using the original licenses; re-migration does not require an additional license.

A trial license is intended to let you try the MNE software in your own environment, with your own data, to help you determine whether MNE’s capabilities are suitable to your needs. Under a trial license, the program stamps a "MIGRATION EVALUATION" prefix into the Subject of every migrated message, and also imposes the following limitations:

You can obtain your first or a subsequent license key by contacting a Quest Software sales representative. For either a trial or perpetual license, the key uses one of the following formats

where ###-##### or ###-###-### represents your unique license number. The file is sent to you from Quest Licensing as an email file attachment. Copy the license key file to your desktop, or to some other convenient location.

The product will install without a license key but will prompt you to apply a license key the first time you try to run the software. You are prompted to find and specify the license key file that Quest provided. Use the Browse feature to locate and specify the .dlv license file.

If you are upgrading from an earlier version, the automated upgrade process transfers the existing license key into the new version, so you do not need to re-install it. For new installations, the license installer only installs the new format license files (.dlv). The older format (.asc) is no longer supported.

Getting started with MNE

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