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Migrator for GroupWise 4.7.1 - User Guide

5: Select Profile

This Select Outlook Profile screen appears only if the program finds more than one Outlook profile on your desktop.

Current Outlook profiles are listed in the Profiles list. Select the profile that you want to migrate — the one into which your GroupWise server data, archive and/or personal address books should be placed — and click Next.

6: Specify Directory for Migrated Archive

This screen appears only if you have chosen (on an earlier screen) to Migrate archive.

This screen lets you specify a directory where your migrated archive will be placed. Use the Browse feature to locate and specify a destination directory for your migrated archive (or just type the directory specification into the text box), and click Next. Use the Outlook Default Directory provided unless your administrator instructs you to use a different directory.

7: Selection Summary

This screen shows the options you have chosen for this program run.

If you want to change any settings, click Back to return to earlier screen(s), make any changes, and then click Next to return to this screen. When the options shown here describe what you want to accomplish, click Run to begin the migration.

When you click Run from the Selection Summary screen, Microsoft’s messaging subsystem prompts you for your access credentials, as shown here. This is a Microsoft prompt, not a Quest (SSDM) prompt.

Enter your User Name, Password, and the Domain Name for your Exchange mail server, and click OK.

8: Migrating Data

The Migrating Data screen reports the current status of the migration process as it runs: the program’s progress with your address books, server data and archive, the name of the currently migrating folder, and also a percentage measure of the progress of the overall migration.

The program will automatically advance to its final Migration Report screen when the process is complete.

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