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Migrator for GroupWise 4.7.1 - User Guide

1: Welcome screen

When you start the Self Service Desktop Migrator, the program displays its Welcome screen to identify itself and welcome you to the process.

Review the welcome message and click Next to begin the program run.

2: Specify Data for Migration

Specify the types of data you want to migrate, and click Next.

Different types of GroupWise data may be migrated independently, in any combination you like. Mail, appointments and tasks from the GroupWise server are migrated to corresponding folders in your Exchange mailbox. Archives are migrated to .pst files. For either server data or archive data, or both, you may also Include Trash Folder in Migration. Personal address books are migrated to corresponding folders in your Exchange mailbox, with the exception of your default personal address book, which is placed in the Contacts folder. If you migrate PABs, you may also Migrate Frequent Contacts.

3: Login to Your GroupWise Account

Enter the User ID and Password for your GroupWise account, and click Next.

4: Select Date and Size Filters

This screen appears only if your admin has enabled it by setting [General] AskFilter=1 in the gwdtapp.ini file. (Your admin has more information about this in a separate MFG Scenarios Guide.) The screen is off (AskFilter=0) by default. To use date and size filters with the SSDM, your admin may need to register the mscal.ocx file.

This screen lets you limit the items migrated by date and/or by size. You can tell the program to migrate only items dated on or before or after a particular date, or within a range of dates. You can set date filters for mail only, or for calendar items only, or for both. You can also tell the program to migrate only mail attachments that are smaller than a particular size (in kilobytes).

Use the form on the screen to set any date and/or size filters you want to apply, and then click Next.

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