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Migrator for GroupWise 4.7.1 - User Guide

About the Self Service Desktop Migrator

The Self Service Desktop Migrator component of Migrator for GroupWise is a program that can migrate a single user’s GroupWise server data, archives, personal address books and frequent contacts to a corresponding account on a Microsoft Exchange server, or to Outlook personal folder (.pst) files. All migrated messages retain their reply-ability, original date/time stamps, priority flags and other properties. The program converts GroupWise reminder notes to Outlook tasks, and converts personal address books and frequent contacts to Outlook contacts. GroupWise addresses in all migrated items are automatically converted to SMTP addresses (Internet format), so that all messaging functions — replying, forwarding and so forth — will continue to work correctly after the migration.

This User Guide provides instructions for running the Desktop Migrator. Each user must run this tool independently, from his or her own desktop. Follow the instructions provided by your mail administrator to choose configuration settings within this tool.

Migrating from a cached GroupWise mailbox

The SSDM will access the GroupWise client in whatever mode the client was last run. To migrate from a cached mailbox, first log in to the GroupWise client in cached mailbox mode, then close the client and start MFG's SSDM.

Online search feature

Every screen in the SSDM offers an online search feature that opens a browser window to a Quest URL of online product resources, and relays a keyword search string to the URL to find pertinent information in Quest online documentation. To launch an online search:

The popup search prompt closes within the SSDM, which remains running in the background while the focus shifts to the browser.

Screen and Field Notes

The Self Service Desktop Migrator program can be pre-configured by an administrator to run with one or more pre-set entry values, and to skip the screens that ask you for those pre-set values. Some—or many—of the screens shown in this Guide therefore may not appear in a particular program run if your administrator has pre-configured the program to make one or more screen displays unnecessary.

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